10 Minimalistic Outfit Ideas for Vietnamese Beauties

You can definitely learn from them to refresh your own style.


Vietnamese stars never overlook minimalist outfits when building their style, despite their diverse and colorful fashion tastes. The minimalist outfits of Vietnamese female stars are both beautiful and elegant, providing great inspiration for updating one’s own style.

Thuy Tien has created a youthful and elegant outfit. The black leather belt adds a touch of sophistication to her style. The white sneakers enhance the “age-defying” effect while still looking fresh and elegant.

Tang Thanh Ha’s outfit consists of a black t-shirt and pants, but it is far from monotonous. She adds earrings and bracelets as accents. In addition, the red lipstick also adds a touch of elegance and charm to her appearance.

Ky Duyen opts for a boxy pocketed pants. This long pants style scores points for its personality, ruggedness, and trendiness. To maintain a youthful and “cool” spirit, she chooses a pair of white sneakers to complete the outfit.

Do Ha combines a horizontal striped shirt with black trousers and pointed shoes to create a sophisticated and youthful outfit. The tucking technique helps define the shape and adds a subtle touch.

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc mixes denim shorts with a white shirt, adding a belt and black sandals. This outfit is elegant, neat, and provides an “age-defying” effect.

A dark green shirt brings sophistication to the wearer. Although paired with black pants, Phuong Khanh’s outfit does not make the wearer look older. Instead, the outfit showcases elegance and refinement.

Tieu Vy adds a touch of personality with a half-buttoned shirt. This choice helps make the outfit stand out and look casual. In addition, the unbuttoned shirt also helps flatter the figure without the need for tucking.

The combination of horizontal striped t-shirt and jeans leaves a strong impression. This combination adds youthfulness and trendiness to the wearer’s appearance. Phuong Khanh chooses white sneakers to complete the outfit.

A cashmere sweater is suitable to wear on these days. With a lapel design, Ky Duyen’s cashmere sweater is not only youthful but also very elegant. She also tucks one side of the sweater for a more impressive look.

Pham Thanh Hang suggests a combo of beige blazer with a white shirt and black pants. Removing the tucking technique will make the outfit more comfortable and casual, but the level of sophistication will not diminish.

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