10 Most Expensive Bags in the World, Every Woman’s Dream

Women dream not only of a fashionable and beautiful luxury handbag, but also of a valuable and expensive red bag.


Below are the top 10 most expensive handbag designs in the world:

1. Mouawad 1001 Nights – Price: $3.8 million (92.1 billion VND)

The artisans have adorned the bag with over 4,000 yellow, pink, and colorless diamonds, weighing a total of 381.92 carats.

2. Hermès Sac Bijou Birkin – Price: approximately $2 million (48.5 billion VND) in 2012

The Hermès Sac Bijou Birkin is crafted from rose gold and adorned with 2,712 diamonds. It has a small size and can be worn as a bracelet.

3. Hermès Diamond Encrusted Birkin – Price: $1.9 million (46.1 billion VND) in 2012

The bag is adorned with 2,182 diamonds, including an 8-carat pear-shaped diamond placed in the center.

4.Hermès Chaine’d Ancre – Price: $1.4 million (34 billion VND) in 2012

The Chaine’d Ancre features a unique design with 1,160 diamond-encrusted links.

5. Himalaya Crocodile Retourné Kelly size 28 – Price: $513,200 (12.4 billion VND) in 2021

The bag has 18-karat gold hardware encrusted with diamonds.

6. Lana Marks Cleopatra – Price: $400,000 (9.7 billion VND)

The wallet is made from crocodile leather and adorned with 40-carat white diamonds, as well as 18-karat white gold.

7. Hermès Himalaya Birkin – Price: $388,738 (9.4 billion VND) in 2017

The bag has 18-karat white gold hardware and is encrusted with 9-10-carat diamonds.

8. Hermès Sellier Mosaïque Kelly – Price: $352,825 (8.6 billion VND) in 2021

The bag is impressive with a surface resembling a mosaic painting made up of multicolored feather squares.

9. Hermès Faubourg Birkin – Price: over $320,000 (7.8 billion VND) in 2022

The bag is made from crocodile and goat leather.

10. Chanel Diamond Forever – Price: $261,000 (6.3 billion VND) in 2008

The bag is made of crocodile leather, with white gold hardware and a clasp adorned with 334 diamonds, totaling 3.56 carats.