11 Hairstyles for Round Faces to Highlight Your Facial Features

Choosing the right hairstyle for your face shape can help conceal flaws while enhancing your beauty. For those with a round face, consider these hairstyles.


Short Tomboy Hair

If you’re a round-faced girl with a personality, this is a great suggestion for you. This hairstyle is usually cut short to the shoulders, capable of highlighting your own personality traits, with a bit of uniqueness and playfulness. It helps make your appearance younger and cuter.

Natural Straight Long Hair

If you want to keep your hair natural, without requiring complicated care, this is a suitable choice. It will also help make your round face harmonious and slimmer.

Hime Hair

You could say that this is a hairstyle that celebrities have been endorsing in recent years. This is a layered hairstyle with short and long strands intertwined. The back hair is straight and long, the bangs are straight and the sides are cut chin-length or cheek-length. With this hairstyle, the bangs will help cover the jawline, making your face appear slimmer.

Layered Hair

For a round-faced girl with thin hair, cutting layered hair will be the perfect solution. The reason is that the uneven strands have the ability to cover almost perfectly. In addition, layered hair can be combined with different hair colors without being picky about the hairstyle.

Rain Bangs

Rain bangs are the perfect bangs for round-faced girls to conceal imperfections. Some rain bangs styles that you can try are curly rain bangs and messy rain bangs.

Messy Wavy Hair

Messy wavy hair with a fluffy texture helps girls hide imperfections and create balance for round faces. With this hairstyle, you should use grooming gel to maintain the texture and shine of your hair.

Pixie Hair

This hairstyle is quite suitable for round faces because it helps create balance and make you stand out. The back hair is curled and puffed towards the face, helping to conceal the chubby cheeks of round-faced girls.

Straight Long Bangs

Long bangs and round faces are the most harmonious combination of all time. With the bangs hugging the face, it will bring harmony and balance. If you love long hair, you can try this hairstyle.

Lob Hair

This hairstyle with shoulder-length hair helps make the face look slimmer and more feminine. It is also a good choice for a hairstyle for round faces.

Curl C Hair

The C curl hairstyle with naturally curved tails hugging the chin and cheeks helps make the face look more slender. It can be combined with bangs or rain bangs, both are beautiful and make you look younger and more dynamic.

Water Wave Curls

Loose wavy hair strands will help make the face look slimmer, bringing a feminine charm. Round-faced girls will increase their cuteness and charm with this hairstyle.

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Frequently asked questions

There are several flattering options for those with round faces. Some recommended styles include the pixie cut, long layers, side-swept bangs, the lob, beach waves, the bob, and braids.

A pixie cut can emphasize the delicate bone structure of a round face, bringing attention to the eyes and cheekbones. It’s a bold, confident choice that exudes a playful, youthful spirit.

Long layers are a fantastic option for round-faced individuals seeking added height and definition. The layers create volume and movement, elongating the face and providing a stylish, modern look.

Absolutely! Side-swept bangs are ideal for round faces as they create a slimming effect and draw attention to the eyes. This style of bangs provides a subtle frame for the face, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

The lob, a trendy hairstyle, is essentially a long bob that falls just above the shoulders. It’s perfect for round faces as it creates the illusion of length, adding a sense of balance and proportion to the face.

Beach waves are a gorgeous choice for round-faced individuals with curly or wavy hair. This style adds texture and volume, creating a fun, effortless look that’s perfect for casual and formal occasions alike.

The classic bob is a versatile style that can work for round faces, especially when paired with side-swept bangs. Additionally, an angled or asymmetrical bob can provide an edgier look, adding definition and a unique twist.

Braids are an excellent choice for round faces as they add height and create a beautiful, intricate look. Dutch braids, French braids, and crown braids are all fantastic options, providing a stylish and elegant finish.