2 Simple and Beautiful Bun Hairstyles for a Chic Look with Turtleneck Sweaters

There are two types of Korean - Japanese bun hairstyles, both sleek and sophisticated, that enhance your elegant appearance.


The weather is turning cold, temperatures are dropping and there is even cold rain. In such cold days, you might choose warm and soft items such as turtleneck sweaters. However, besides the warmth it brings, the design of turtleneck sweaters unintentionally affects your hairstyle. The high collar can make your hair messy. In this case, you can try two Korean-Japanese bun hairstyles that are neat, elegant, and sophisticated even in freezing cold weather. Each hairstyle has its own beauty, so you can refer to them.

Elegant and sophisticated with Korean bun hairstyle

The low bun is one of the signature hairstyles, but until now, women only admired it and didn’t know how to create this elegant hairstyle themselves.

The low bun is a popular hairstyle that can be worn in all four seasons. This hairstyle is stylish, but still has a casual and youthful look, especially when you choose a slightly messy low bun with loose strands. Applying the low bun hairstyle when wearing a turtleneck sweater will give you a more luxurious and elegant appearance.

In fact, this hairstyle is easy to create and doesn’t require many tools. You just need to gather your hair in the usual way, after tying it a few rounds, fold the hair into sections according to the length of your hair and then secure the folded hair to form a bun.

Leave a part of the hair out to create a “chicken” tail, adding an attractive and elegant touch to your hairstyle. Use your hands to loosen the hair for a soft, voluminous look. Adding a few strands to the front of the bun will create a feminine feel. The low bun hairstyle is suitable for both minimalist and stylish outfits, especially in these cold days, you can still have a perfect hairstyle to enhance your beauty.

You can also add gentle waves to the tail of your hair or leave it loose when applying the low bun hairstyle.

Japanese bun hairstyle

This bun hairstyle adds a sophisticated touch to your look when wearing a turtleneck sweater. Here is the most graceful variation of the Japanese bun hairstyle, with a few simple steps, you can still achieve the cutest hairstyle for yourself.

With this variation, even if you have thin hair, it will still look unexpectedly thick and voluminous. Adding a pair of standout earrings will further enhance the beauty of your hairstyle.

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