20 hottest basic short men's hairstyles not to be missed

Short men's hair is always popular among men because it exalts the man's masculinity and strength. Here are the 20 hottest short men's hairstyles you can't ignore in this 2022.


Men's short hairstyle is one of the hair fashion options that are always popular with boys, especially during the upcoming Lunar New Year. Choosing a short, simple and impressive hairstyle always confuses men. Here are the suggestions of Bach Hoa GREEN, please read along for reference!

first Slick Back Men's Short Hairstyles

This is a classic short hair that is easy to shape, easy to cut in the 50s , popular with men. However, in order for it to be perfect at first sight, this hairstyle requires meticulousness and precision in every cut as well as stroking or pomade holding.

Kiểu tóc Slick Back

2 Short Quiff Hairstyles

This is a hairstyle suitable for most Vietnamese male faces with short length, the hair on the sides is trimmed close, beveled up, the nape is high and the sideburns are cut short to reveal the forehead. You feel longer, more masculine . The upper part of the hair is trimmed thin, not too long nor will it cause heat, more airy in the summer weather. This hair model is very easy to shape the hair, just 1 to 2 times using hair wax is that you can Shape the hair as desired.

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Kiểu tóc Short Quiff

3 Men's short haircut with bangs

Men's goofy bangs are also in the list of short, simple and most popular men's hairstyles. The advantage of this hairstyle is that there are bangs to hide the high forehead – a shortcoming of a long face.

Kiểu tóc nam ngắn mái ngố

4 Buzz Cut Men's Hairstyle

This is a style that immediately impresses the viewer, this model is shaped simply and neatly , with short cuts that hug the scalp, creating coolness and comfort for the owner. Followed by shaving lines and trimming lines on the sides, top and back, sharp cuts, enough to make everyone admire.

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Kiểu tóc nam Buzz Cut

5 Mohican short men's hairstyle

The modern short style, also known as the Mohawk hairstyle, is a classic men's hairstyle with straight up, shaved white sides and nape for men. The feature of this hairstyle lies in the back of the bangs, creating a prominent feature and personality for men , creating a healthy, youthful and masculine beauty.

Kiểu tóc nam ngắn Mohican

6 Spiky hairstyle

Spiky short men's hairstyle has many similarities with other short spiked men's hairstyles. The strength of this style is the coolness it brings to the owner. The Spiky pattern is also quite simple, easy to style, easy to choose for many different face shapes . If you are a guy who likes to exercise like participating in sports activities, then choosing a cool men's hairstyle like Spiky men's hairstyle is essential.

Kiểu tóc Spiky

7 Men's short hairstyle Layer

This is also a short men's hairstyle for long faces "hot trend" in recent years . With the sides of the sideburns, the hair will not be too long, even cut close to the nape of the neck and the bangs will not be too eye-catching as before, instead it will be trimmed to a suitable length. . If you choose this hairstyle, you will get a romantic look, a little bit of cuteness but still maintain your masculinity and style.

Kiểu tóc Layer

8 Short hair for men with round face

Men's short hair will help round-faced men cleverly conceal face defects. You can choose styles such as undercut, side part, bulging … combine more dyes to look outstanding and personality.

Tóc ngắn nam mặt tròn

9 Short hair for men with long faces

Short hair for men with long faces is suitable for young dynamic men. With the hair on the back of the head cut short and styled relatively short. The bangs will be left a little longer and stroked up to create a bright and dynamic feeling.

Tóc ngắn nam mặt dài

ten Men's short curly hair

Men's short curly hair is a popular choice of office workers, office workers or students. With a simple and neat design, towards a youthful and modern style.

Tóc ngắn nam uốn Men's short curly hair

11 Men's short hair with beautiful strokes

Men's short curly hair is a national hairstyle. With simple and easy styling, just combine a little gel or hair brush, you have the right hairstyle right away, giving you an extremely youthful and elegant appearance whether going to school, work or out.

Tóc ngắn nam vuốt dựng đẹp

twelfth Undercut men's short hair

Men's short undercut hair with the hair cut short on the sides and high at the back of the head. Depending on the face and preferences of the boys, the length of the front hair will be kept by the barber accordingly. This is a hairstyle that suits many different faces.

Tóc ngắn nam undercut

13 Men's short hair side part

Men's short side part hair with styling on the sides and back of the neck will be trimmed short, while the hair on the top of the head is 6 – 8cm long. This is one of the trendy and beautiful men's hairstyles, suitable for all men to help increase the beauty and softness of the overall face.

Tóc ngắn nam side part

14 Military men's short hairstyle

The military men's short hairstyle gives you a masculine, strong appearance that impresses all women without making this hairstyle difficult and this is a hairstyle that is in the trend of beautiful men's hair with military style. The team is always attractive.

Kiểu tóc ngắn nam quân đội

15 Men's short hair sport

Sport men's short hair that gives you a handsome, healthy and personality for the owner is one of the favorite male hairstyles for many guys. This hairstyle is suitable for all ages, especially suitable for active and sporty guys.

Tóc ngắn nam sport

16 Short haircut for men

Men's short haircut with a beautiful and perfect design, towards detail and sophistication is one of the men's hairstyles that are always in the current trend.

Tóc ngắn nam bổ luống

17 Men's short curly hair

Short, ruffled men's hair is suitable for men with angular and sophisticated lines, creating a very masculine appearance that is extremely personal. This is one of the men's hairstyles that will not only help you look dashing but extremely young and dynamic.

Tóc ngắn nam dập xù

18 French men's short hair

French short hair for men has many variations to suit many styles and boys' faces are quite sophisticated but extremely HOT for men. Owning this hairstyle combined with office outfits will help you become elegant and charming.

Tóc ngắn nam kiểu Pháp

19 Short hair for male marines

Short hair for marine men is a hairstyle that many men, even if they do not work in the military, still choose, is one of the extremely popular hairstyles. Hairstyles when combined with jeans, leather jackets will make men really "dusty" or when combined with suits and shirts, they will become elegant and charming.

Tóc ngắn nam lính thủy đánh bộ

20 Chinese men's short hair

Although Chinese men's short hair has just been introduced to Vietnam, the response is not small. The hairstyle with the sides of the bangs is cut close, and the top part is longer and pushed forward. Very suitable for many shapes and many different faces.

Tóc ngắn nam Trung Quốc

Above are 20 suggestions for trendy and attractive short men's hairstyles collected by GREEN BHAG, hope the boys can find a suitable hairstyle to celebrate the New Year together!

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