22 eyeliner tips you need to know

Eyeliner is one of the essential parts of the makeup process. You do not need to spend too much time on eyeliner, just equip yourself with the following 22 simple eyeliner tips to quickly own beautiful phoenix eyes..


Use eyeshadow and eyeliner of the same color

Dùng chì kẻ và phấn mắt màu vàng đồng
Use copper gold eyeliner and eyeshadow

You can keep makeup on your eyes longer by using eyeliner and eyeshadow of the same color. First, with a pencil, then lightly dust the eyeshadow with the same color to make the pencil more durable.

Liquid eyeliner is easier with pencil

Viền mắt bằng chì rồi tô lại bằng kẻ mắt nước
Line your eyes with pencil and then fill them in with liquid eyeliner

If your hands often shake when using liquid eyeliner, line your eyes with a pencil first and then use an eyeliner brush to follow the lead.

Highlight eyeshadow with white pencil

Tô bằng chì trắng rồi mới dặm phấn mắt
Paint with white pencil and then apply eyeshadow

For light, hard-to-color eyeshadows, you should paint your eyelashes with white pencil before applying powder to make the color more eye-catching.

DIY eyeliner color

Kết hợp cọ ướt và phấn mắt để trang điểm
Combine wet brush and eyeshadow for makeup

You can make your own eyeliner by combining a wet eyeliner brush and eyeshadow. A wet brush will deepen the color and make the line look sharper.

Makeup for single eyelids

Vẽ một đường cong dày lên trên mi mắt
Draw a thick curved line on the eyelid

If you have monolid eyes, your eyelids cover your eyelashes, just use liquid eyeliner to draw a bold, thick line above the eyelid. When you open your eyes, you have a perfect eyeliner.

Sharpen your eyebrows

Chì trắng còn có tác dụng viền lông mày
The white pencil also has the effect of contouring the eyebrows

Use a white pencil to outline the top and bottom of the eyebrows, and then use the brush to spread it evenly to make the eyebrows higher and sharper.

From pencil to gel eyeliner

Hơ bút chì kẻ mắt trước lửa
Hold the eyeliner pencil in front of the fire

You can soften the eyeliner by holding it in front of the flame for a few seconds. Remember to test the color on the back of your hand before applying it on your eyes!

Eyeliner with baby oil

Dầu em bé dùng để xóa khuyết điểm
Baby oil for blemish removal

If your lines are distorted and smudged, don't worry! Just rest assured to draw a rough line on the eyelid, then use a cotton swab and a little baby oil to erase the damaged areas.

Natural beauty

Kẻ bên dưới mi mắt
Linen below eyelids

The best way to keep your eyes natural is to line them below the lash line instead of above them. That way, your eyes look bigger and fuller, but still look natural, not like makeup.

Connect the points

Chấm trên mí mắt rồi nối lại
Dot on eyelids and then reconnect

This is a simple trick to draw straight and even eyeliner. Dot the dots on the eyelashes and connect them to make a beautiful eyeliner. Note that the dots must not be too big and must be uniform in size!

Dark eyeliner

Kẻ mắt ngả dần từ trắng sang xanh
Eyeliner fades from white to blue

You can give your eyes a light and dark ombre look by combining dark and light eye colors. First, starting at the eye socket, line 3/4 of the lid with a light color, like white. Then, use a darker color, starting from the corner of the eye to the middle of the eyelid, then stop. Finally, use the brush to blend and blend the color in the middle of the eye.

Use a spoon to draw cat eye

Chiếc thìa ăn cũng có thể dùng để trang điểm
The spoon can also be used for makeup

Apply the spoon body to the corner of the eye to draw a straight line and then the spoon to draw the curve, then you just need to color in.

Leave the eyeliner in the fridge

Cho chì kẻ vào tủ lạnh 10 phút
Put the pencil in the fridge for 10 minutes

If your pencil is crumbling, just put it in the fridge for 10 minutes before applying eyeliner to improve the condition.

Concealer with skin color pencil:

Một mẹo nhỏ để mắt sắc nét hơn
A little trick for sharper eyes

When you encounter a situation where the eyeliner is unsightly, you just need to use a pencil that matches your skin color to cover the smudged areas instead of having to erase it again and again. This tip is also useful if you want your eyes to look sharper.

Make use of business cards

Dùng tấm card để canh đều
Use the card to align evenly

Draw sharp and straight eyeliner using a business card as a ruler.

Draw lower lashes with white pencil

Kẻ mí mắt dưới bằng chì màu trắng
Line the lower eyelid with white pencil

Dark pencil lower lashes often make the eyes look elongated and smaller. You can replace it with white pencil if you want to make your eyes look bigger.

Glitter eyeliner for busy people

Sẵn sàng hẹn hò chỉ sau vài bước
Ready to date in just a few steps

If you don't like eyeshadow but want to make your eyes pop when you're out and about, simply apply a layer of glitter and get ready to go out with your friends.

Natural smoky eye color

Vẽ dấu thăng rồi tán ra
Draw a sharp sign and scatter

To get a natural smoky eye makeup, you just need to draw a sharp mark on the lashes and then use a brush to blend.

Change the direction of the line

Kẻ mắt từ ngoài vào trong
Eyeliner from the outside to the inside

Apply eyeliner from the outside to the eye instead of from the inside to the outside. This helps determine how long the line should fit.

Use eyeliner mascara

Mascara cũng có thể dùng kẻ mắt
Mascara can also be used as eyeliner

If you don't have a pencil, use a brush to apply a little mascara color on the mascara brush to line your eyes.

Brown eye color

Dùng màu chì nâu bớt gay gắt hơn đen
Use brown lead color less harsh than black

Use brown instead of black for eyeliner, your eyes will look gentle, less harsh.

Duct tape

Dán băng keo để canh lề cho đường kẻ
Glue the tape to align the line

Glue the tape in line with the lower lash line and up to the bottom of the eyebrow, now you can create the perfect cat eye.

Hopefully the above tips have somewhat helped make your girlfriend's makeup work lighter. Please share with Dien May XANH other tips you know in the comment box!