3 Eyelash Styles to Fix Multiple Eye Imperfections, Perfect for Welcoming Tet

If you have droopy, monolid or small eyes, you also need to pay a little attention.


Eyelash extensions are layered on top of natural lashes to create a dramatic and sharp effect. A simple set of lashes can transform your eyes and make them more captivating and sparkling. However, for those with single eyelids, droopy or small eyes, some attention is needed.

Single eyelids

If you have a single eyelid, long and thick extensions may make it feel like your lashes are overwhelming your eyes. Single eyelids usually have smaller eyes and indistinct eyelid lines, so it’s best to choose extensions with thick and black lashes. You should opt for volume lashes with L and L+ curl types. These lashes have a flat base and give a lifted effect from underneath the lashes, making the lash line appear higher and giving the illusion of larger eyes.

Hooded eyelids, droopy eyelids

Many individuals face the issue of hooded or droopy eyelids. These eyelids have an unclear upper eyelid line, giving the appearance that the upper eyelid is drooping.

The ideal lash style is to accentuate the center of the eyes, with the longest lash extensions in the middle and gradually shorter towards the outer corners. Curled lashes will help open up and round the eyes.

Protruding eyes, bulging eyes

People with nearsightedness often have slightly protruding eyes, with the eyeball slightly higher than the eye socket. It is recommended to use short lash extensions with a natural curl. If you choose long extensions out of desire, they may actually accentuate the protruding eyes.

Some considerations for lash extensions

– Fully nourish your lashes a week before the procedure with coconut oil, Vaseline, or specialized lash conditioners.

– Consult with the technician about the desired lash style.

– Avoid contact with water for at least 6 hours after the procedure, as water can weaken the adhesive and cause lashes to fall out.

– Wear glasses when going out to protect your lashes from dust.

– Avoid using any oil-based or water-based makeup removers around the eye area immediately after getting lash extensions.

– Do not use non-waterproof mascara on the lash extensions.

– Limit contact with the lash extensions while washing your face to ensure the longevity of the lash extensions.

– Use a lash brush to comb your lashes every morning and avoid burying your face in the pillow.

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