3 Stunning Beauties Who Have Taken the Korean-Vietnamese Film Industry by Storm: Park Min Young’s Glamorous Style and Quynh Kook’s Jaw-Dropping Fashion Sense

Park Min Young, also known as Quỳnh Kool, and Nhã Phương have recently gained attention as the three "leading ladies".


Park Min Young in “My Husband Got a Family”

Kang Ji Won’s character captivates viewers with her stylish and trendy fashion sense. While she starts off as a dull and weak character in the beginning episodes, she undergoes a transformation and emerges as a seductive and sophisticated woman. Park Min Young’s character showcases an array of outfits that exude her irresistible charm in the show.

Park Min Young meticulously selects office wear that flatters her figure and exudes elegance. She effortlessly pulls off unconventional blazers and alluring off-shoulder designs, accentuating her sensuality and bringing a refreshing touch to her appearance.

Park Min Young seamlessly transforms her office attire with versatile options such as form-fitting dresses and stylish blazers that could mesmerize any working woman. Initially subtle and plain, her character’s style evolves into sophistication after a particular incident.

Quynh Kool in “Our Eight Years Later”

Quynh Kool impresses viewers with her graceful fashion sense while portraying the role of teacher Nguyet in the second installment of “Our Eight Years Later.” It is evident that tailored trousers and shirts are her go-to attire, and she skillfully accessorizes to create an illusion of height, a trick that any working woman can apply.

In addition to shirts, she showcases various styles of blouses and skillfully mixes and matches outfits suitable for the workplace, avoiding monotony while maintaining professionalism.

Nguyet’s character, played by Quynh Kool, remains dedicated to the timeless formula of trousers and shirts/blouses, a foolproof combination in the workplace. She also shows a penchant for wearing loose blazers, effectively enhancing her height.

Nha Phuong in “Love Before the Wedding Day”

In the role of Minh Anh in “Love Before the Wedding Day,” Nha Phuong captivates the audience with her acting skills, beauty, and fashion sense. Minh Anh’s character becomes the saving grace of the entire film, and viewers are awestruck by Nha Phuong’s beauty and style. While she sticks to office attire such as trousers, she adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, embodying the image of a classy young lady.

Whether she exudes a gentle and feminine vibe in a white lace dress or a sophisticated aura in a tweed jacket, Nha Phuong’s character shines as an astute and versatile executive assistant.

The form-fitting dresses worn by Nha Phuong in the film are both refined and elegant, demonstrating her impeccable taste. It can be said that sometimes the audience eagerly awaits to see what outfit Nha Phuong will wear next.

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