3 Summer Dress Shoe Alternatives to High Heels for Comfort and Style

In the past, many people thought that the height of fashion was dressing up in a skirt and high heels. However, the trend is now moving more towards comfort and easy elegance. This means that towering high heels are no longer seen as the must-have fashion item they once were.


Dresses are always a must-have item in a summer wardrobe, as they are comfortable, airy, and stylish, enhancing the feminine beauty that is hard to match by other attires. Nevertheless, wearing a dress also requires a bit of caution to avoid making outfit blunders that diminish a dress’s inherent aesthetic appeal and render the overall look less attractive. Many women like to combine dresses with high heels because of their elegance and ability to create the illusion of longer legs.

However, not every occasion of wearing a summer dress goes well with high heels.

Why should you not wear high heels or stockings with a dress?

It goes against the current trends and looks outdated

As society progresses, fashion trends are constantly evolving. Combining dresses, high heels, and stockings was once considered the epitome of feminine beauty, but nowadays, this combination seems to have become less desirable.

In an era where minimalism, comfort, and style reign supreme, this style of dressing is gradually becoming outdated. In fact, the combination of high heels and stockings with a dress no longer accentuates the dress’s beauty but may even make it look less attractive and less stylish.

Can easily reveal physical flaws, highlighting thick legs and unflattering posture

Although high heels can add height to the wearer, they are not the ideal choice for ladies with a fuller figure. Additionally, stockings, which are designed to fit snugly, are often not adept at concealing figure flaws. Therefore, pairing a dress with high heels and stockings may not be flattering for those with thick or less toned legs.

Can make you appear overly seductive

Even ladies with perfect body proportions may receive less than favorable comments if they appear too sultry or even vulgar by combining dresses with high heels and stockings.

The allure of high heels and stockings can become overwhelming when paired with dresses that are not quite suitable. Instead of being alluring, it could turn into something distasteful.

The allure of high heels and stockings can become overwhelming when paired with dresses that are not quite suitable

Wear a dress with these 3 types of shoes to look both stylish and comfortable

Sneakers, emphasizing comfort

Currently, pairing dresses with sneakers is a popular trend. The combination of a dress, which is innately feminine, and the gender-neutral sneakers creates a harmonious blend of ruggedness and grace, simplicity and comfort, while providing a naturally stylish look.

Choosing a pair of classic white sneakers or Forrest shoes can complement a dress, ensuring both comfort and maintaining a fashionable style.

Pairing dresses with sneakers is a popular trend

Flat shoes suitable for various styles

Opting for flat shoes with an open design at the instep will provide a comfortable and airy feel when paired with a dress. The market currently offers a wide variety of flat shoes, but the highlight of this year is the resurgence of charming and sweet ballet flats and the elegant and romantic Mary Janes.

Opting for flat shoes with an open design at the instep will provide a comfortable and airy feel when paired with a dress

Sandals, casual and comfortable

When strolling around town in the summer, a dress is often paired with sandals to create a perfect outfit. Sandals provide a simple and rustic look, reflecting a contemporary aesthetic trend.

In addition to traditional sandal designs, furry slides have also been a popular choice among many young women recently. They create a perfect combination with a dress, effortlessly achieving an elegant and fashionable appearance.

Sandals provide a simple and rustic look, reflecting a contemporary aesthetic trend

Pay attention to these 3 tips for wearing dresses to achieve a high-class aura

Wear dresses that fall above the ankles and match them properly with your shoes

When choosing a summer dress, you should avoid styles that are too long, as they can conceal the shoes you’re wearing and create an unflattering appearance. The ideal dress should end above the ankles, revealing just enough skin to create a sense of balance and harmony with the shoes you choose.

Layer up to appear more fashionable

When wearing a dress with a pattern, consider layering to balance and enhance your look. For instance, a geometric-patterned skirt can be paired with a form-fitting T-shirt and topped with a neutral-colored blazer, which will not only protect you from the sun but also maintain a chic style.

Incorporate ankle socks for added detail and accent

When selecting shoes to pair with a dress, don’t forget to add socks to accentuate the beauty of your legs. In addition to traditional white socks, you can experiment with socks in vibrant colors and unique patterns to enrich your overall look and showcase your sense of style.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Sneakers: Combining dresses with sneakers is a trendy choice, offering a harmonious blend of femininity and gender-neutral style, along with comfort and a rugged yet graceful appearance.

  2. Flat shoes: Opt for flat shoes with an open design at the instep for a comfortable and airy feel. Ballet flats and Mary Janes are particularly trendy this year, adding charm and elegance to your outfit.

  3. Sandals: Sandals provide a casual and comfortable option for summer strolls. They create a simple, rustic look that aligns with contemporary aesthetic trends. Furry slides are also a popular choice for a perfect blend of elegance and fashion.

  1. Ankle-length dresses: Choose dresses that fall above the ankles to showcase your shoes and create a balanced, harmonious look. Avoid styles that are too long, as they can conceal your shoes and make your appearance less flattering.

  2. Layering: Layer your dress with a form-fitting top or a blazer to add dimension and enhance your style, especially when wearing patterned dresses. This can also provide sun protection while maintaining a chic appearance.

  3. Ankle socks: Don’t forget to add socks when wearing shoes with a dress. Experiment with vibrant colors and unique patterns to accentuate your legs and showcase your sense of style.

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