4 Fashion Styles Pear-Shaped Body Should Stay Away From to Avoid Emphasizing Flaws

Women with pear-shaped bodies can showcase their stunning figures by carefully selecting the right wardrobe pieces. Here are some must-have items to avoid highlighting any problem areas.


To dress beautifully, girls need to understand their body shape and characteristics. For pear-shaped bodies, these are people with a small upper body and larger lower body. Specifically, the chest and waist are quite small, while the arms and shoulders are slim and narrow. Girls with pear-shaped bodies can dress beautifully. Here are the items that need to be avoided to hide their flaws.

1. Tight pants

Tight pants are items that everyone likes to wear to flaunt their sexy figure, but these are the first items that girls with pear-shaped bodies need to eliminate from their wardrobes and say no to when shopping.

This type of pants not only reveals the flaws of thick thighs, but also gives the feeling of a shorter lower body. You should prioritize wide-legged pants, which is the perfect choice to replace them.

Wide-legged pants will cleverly hide the imperfections of your legs, helping you achieve a more slender and balanced body. Wearing a crop top is also excellent for showing off a slim waist and hiding thick thighs for pear-shaped girls.

2. Low-rise pants

If you have larger hips, pants with a low-rise waistband below the belly button seem to make the waist look wider and the body less proportional. Jang Wonyoung (IVE) – who has a similar figure, chooses high-waisted pants to “hack” the body. High-waisted pants are the 2-in-1 “weapon” that helps hide flaws and enhance your figure.

3. Oversized clothing

These oversized items make you look larger and bulkier than ever. Pear-shaped figures are originally sexy and alluring body proportions, so be clever in choosing fitted clothes to accentuate your curves.

4. Too tight shorts

Tight shorts clearly and sharply highlight your flaws. However, bermuda shorts (wide and longer shorts that reach near the knees) are specifically designed for those with larger legs to wear comfortably. They are designed with a length that covers the entire thigh, revealing only the knees and calves, which helps cover up some of your flaws.

By paying attention to the above clothing styles, women with pear-shaped bodies can completely “rock” any outfit. The appropriate length for girls with larger legs is either touching the knees or slightly below the knees, to both hide their thick legs and add elegance, grace, and sophistication to their outfits. You should be confident in your body because women are most beautiful and radiant when they know how to love and appreciate themselves.

Frequently asked questions

It’s all about understanding your body and choosing clothes that flatter your shape. Here are some tips:

  • Embrace wide-legged pants: They will balance out your proportions and give the illusion of longer legs.
  • Show off your waist: Try wearing crop tops or tucking in your shirts to highlight your slim waist and create an hourglass figure.
  • Choose high-waisted bottoms: These will help define your waist and give the appearance of a more proportional body.
  • Avoid oversized clothing: While it may be tempting to hide your lower body, oversized items will only make you look larger. Choose clothes that skim your body instead of hiding it.
  • Be confident: Remember, beauty comes from within. Embrace your body and choose outfits that make you feel confident and radiant.

Some flattering clothing items for pear-shaped bodies include:

  • Wide-legged pants or jeans: These will balance out your proportions and give the illusion of longer, slimmer legs.
  • High-waisted skirts or shorts: Choose styles that sit at your natural waist to define your waistline and show off your curves.
  • Crop tops: These will showcase your slim waist and create the appearance of an hourglass figure.
  • Fitted blouses or shirts: Look for styles that skim your body and show off your slim upper body. You can tuck these into skirts or high-waisted pants to create a defined waist.
  • Bermuda shorts: These longer shorts are designed to fit comfortably on larger legs while covering the thighs and highlighting the knees and calves.
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