4 Habits that Make Freshly Washed Hair Sticky – Unrelated to the Weather

Are you tired of your freshly washed hair feeling greasy? Here are 4 habits that could be the cause of your sticky scalp. Read on to learn why it may be happening – it's not always because of the weather!


Many people believe that during the summer, when the weather is hot, the body produces more sweat, causing hair to become sticky. However, there are various other factors that can contribute to greasy hair that are not related to the weather. Read the following article by Bach Khoa XANH to learn more.

First Excessively brushing and touching your hair

Touching your hair frequently can transfer dirt, bacteria, and oils from your hands onto your hair, making it dirty and sticky. Additionally, excessive brushing can stimulate the scalp to produce more oil, causing freshly washed hair to become greasy quickly.

Brushing my hair too much and falling in love with my handsBrushing my hair too much and falling in love with my hands

2 Excessive hair washing

People with oily hair often have a habit of washing their hair frequently to maintain cleanliness. However, excessive hair washing can strip away the natural oils from the hair, leading to dry hair and increased oil production by the scalp. The more you wash your hair, the faster it becomes greasy.

Washing your hair too much

3 Excessive use of conditioner

Regular use of conditioner can make the hair softer and smoother. However, using too much conditioner and applying it near the roots can make the hair greasy, heavy, and flat. It is important to control the amount of conditioner used and avoid applying it directly to the roots to maintain soft and bouncy hair without stickiness.

Using too much conditioner

4 Using a dirty comb

A hairbrush comes into direct contact with the scalp. Using a dirty comb can transfer dirt, bacteria, and excess oil onto the hair, leading to greasiness and messiness. It is important to clean your comb daily to prevent your hair from becoming sticky.

Using a comb to brush dirty hair

Above are four habits that can contribute to freshly washed hair becoming sticky. Bach Khoa GREEN hopes that you find this information useful.

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