4 Hairstyles to Enhance Your Beauty This Lunar New Year

If you have a round face, enhance its sweetness with one of these 4 trendy hairstyles.


Layer hair is currently a popular choice for the upcoming Tet 2024 season. This hairstyle can enhance your beauty if you choose it wisely. For those with round faces, here are 4 hairstyles that are being highly recommended:

Straight Layer Hair with Off-Center Part

Straight layered hair is a perfect choice for those with long faces. It will make you look younger and more fashionable. In addition, straight layered hair is also elegant and sophisticated. If you’re afraid that an off-center part might make your face look bigger, you can opt for a side-swept part to add volume to your hair and make your face appear more slender. Straight layered hair with an off-center part also exudes a chic and graceful vibe.

Hime Layer Hair

Hime hair is making a comeback. This hairstyle can make you look sweet and youthful. It also has an elegant and glamorous touch.

When styling Hime layered hair, those with round faces can have wispy bangs to enhance their beauty. You don’t necessarily have to dye your hair, as black hair will ensure a sophisticated and radiant look, complementing your fair skin.

If you’re hesitant about having bangs that cover your entire forehead, you can try Hime hair with a middle part, where the hair on both sides of the bangs is kept at a proper length. If you’re concerned about thinning hair or exposing any facial flaws, you can opt for a slightly thinner version of the basic Hime hairstyle. Make some small adjustments based on the unique features of the hairstyle.

Hime layered hair combined with gentle layering to “soften” the hair on both sides of the bangs creates a gentle and soft look, different from the style Suzy or Song Hye Kyo is currently sporting.

Curly Layer Hair

Curling layered hair is a suitable choice for everyone. It is feminine, lively, and youthful. When your hair is curled, it becomes thicker and bouncier, effectively narrowing your face. Follow the style of Lisa, Joy, and Jihyo, and you’ll have a radiant appearance.

Short Layer Hair with Wispy Bangs

Short layered hair with wispy bangs is youthful and sweet, effectively hiding flaws and making your face more balanced and compact. With this hairstyle, you can look even younger.

When embracing short layered hair with wispy bangs, take good care of your hair to ensure its smoothness and shine, which will enhance your overall beauty. You can also style it with a ponytail or a bobbed ponytail to keep your look fresh and appealing.

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