4 Stylish and Flattering Jumpsuits to Include in Your Lunar New Year Outfit List

Below are 4 types of dresses that are worth buying at any age, you can look beautiful without worrying about looking old.


Maxi dresses are also a fashionable item that women shop enthusiastically for before the arrival of Tet. Maxi dresses bring out the standout and femininity, not only making the appearance more sparkling but also being able to accentuate the tall and slim figure. Here are 4 types of must-have maxi dresses that women of any age can look beautiful in without worrying about looking old.

Waist-Enhancing Maxi Dress

The waist-enhancing maxi dress is a fashion item that should be in every woman’s wardrobe. The waist details bring many style-enhancing effects, making the overall look tall and slim. The waist-enhancing maxi dress also helps women achieve a neat and stylish appearance, making a fashion statement. With a loose maxi dress, women can embellish it with a belt. This accessory also helps make the outfit stand out and look more elegant. Don’t limit your style to just plain neutral-colored waist-enhancing maxi dresses, but explore different colors as well.

Slit Maxi Dress

The slit maxi dress is also a favorite item among many women. The slit detail helps create a taller and more slender figure. Furthermore, the slit design adds a standout and trendy touch to the overall outfit. To maximize the figure-enhancing effect, women should choose shoes wisely. Beige-colored shoes or mules can be chosen to effectively “cheat” height. These shoe styles also elevate the overall look to a more sophisticated and refined level.

Short Maxi Dress

Women should also consider various short maxi dress designs. This style of dress brings a tall and slender figure effect. Additionally, short maxi dresses bring a sweet and youthful vibe to women.

To achieve a standout and vibrant look, prioritize pastel-colored short maxi dresses or floral-patterned ones. More elegant and sophisticated options are tweed short maxi dresses, guaranteeing a lady-like appearance.

Tailored Maxi Dress

The tailored maxi dress is a fashion item with a neat silhouette that helps women achieve an overall tall and slim figure. However, women should choose either short tailored maxi dresses or ones that reach the calves to maximize the figure-enhancing effect.

Combine the tailored maxi dress with bell-sleeve blouses, long-sleeve shirts, or T-shirts to create sweet yet sophisticated and graceful outfits. To add a touch of personality, mix it with high-collar tops, skirts, or skinny pants, and pair it with sneakers for an effortless and stylish look.

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Frequently asked questions

There are several options suggested in the article that would be perfect for the Lunar New Year. The first is a red, off-the-shoulder jumpsuit with a belted waist and wide-leg pants. Red is a lucky color for the Lunar New Year, and the style is both elegant and comfortable. The second option is a more affordable, vintage-inspired black jumpsuit with a surplice neckline and tapered legs. For something more unique, there’s a green utility jumpsuit with a belted waist and cargo pockets. Lastly, a white, wide-leg jumpsuit with a tie-front detail is recommended, offering a fresh and sophisticated look.

The article provides a few ideas for styling these jumpsuits. For the red off-the-shoulder jumpsuit, pair it with statement earrings, a simple clutch, and heeled sandals. As for the black vintage-inspired jumpsuit, style it with a bold red lip, a sleek low bun, and black pumps. If you opt for the green utility jumpsuit, balance the look with delicate gold jewelry and white sneakers. Lastly, the white wide-leg jumpsuit can be dressed up with gold hoop earrings, a red or pink lip, and strappy heels.

Jumpsuits offer a one-and-done outfit solution, providing an effortlessly chic look with minimal effort. They are comfortable yet polished, and the variety of styles means there’s an option to suit every taste and body type. Jumpsuits can be easily dressed up or down, making them versatile for the various Lunar New Year celebrations and gatherings.

While there are no specific styles that are considered lucky, wearing the color red during the Lunar New Year is believed to bring good fortune and joy. Red is a traditional and popular color choice for this holiday, so incorporating it into your outfit, whether through a red jumpsuit or accessories, is a great way to embrace the festive spirit.

The article provides links to purchase the exact jumpsuits featured, with options to shop on Zara, ASOS, and Nordstrom. However, similar styles can likely be found at other retailers, both online and in-store, offering a range of price points and sizes.