4 Vietnamese beauties receive a shower of compliments for their wedding attire

Many Vietnamese beauties have successfully captured the right criteria for dressing up for weddings and have become deserving role models to learn from.


Wedding party fashion is always the most concerned topic for many women, especially at this time. Wedding attire needs to meet many criteria, such as elegance, neatness, and not too flashy, to avoid overshadowing the bride – the main character of the party. Many Vietnamese beauties have captured the right criteria for wedding attire and have become worthy models for others to learn from. Below are 4 Vietnamese celebrities with impressive wedding guest styles, bringing inspiration for women to dress beautifully.

Hồ Ngọc Hà

The presence of guests like Hồ Ngọc Hà at Thanh Hằng’s wedding received a lot of attention. Not wearing glamorous costumes when performing on stage, Hồ Ngọc Hà elegantly wore a dress in neutral tone, made of organza fabric. The design of Hồ Ngọc Hà’s dress is impressive with its sophistication, elegance, and femininity. She chose thin strap sandals and carried a simple bag. With just a wedding guest outfit, Hồ Ngọc Hà received a shower of compliments for her sophistication.

Tăng Thanh Hà

Tăng Thanh Hà also scores points when attending weddings. Tăng Thanh Hà often prioritizes feminine dress styles. The common feature of these dresses is their simple design, with subtle colors that not only give the wearer an elegant appearance but also exude sweetness and freshness, which is suitable for the wedding atmosphere.

In addition, Tăng Thanh Hà’s outfits keep up with fashion trends without feeling outdated. You can totally learn from her wedding guest outfits.

Hương Giang

Hương Giang prefers simplicity and mainly chooses black, white, or gray colors. In addition, Hương Giang’s clothing designs are usually well-tailored, bringing absolute neatness to the wearer.

Hương Giang opts for lightly fitted dresses, sets with cropped tops and high-waisted skirts, or waist-accentuating vests to create a tall, slender figure. Hương Giang’s wedding guest fashion combines many advantages, ideal for women to reference.

Phương Khánh

Hoa hậu (Miss) Phương Khánh’s wedding guest fashion tends to lean toward vibrant colors. On the contrary, she favors dress designs with bright tones to create a radiant and airy overall look while still maintaining a refined touch.

Phương Khánh also often chooses low elegant bun hairstyles or half-up hairstyles to complete her elegant and sophisticated appearance. Accessories such as bracelets and pearl earrings are also utilized by Phương Khánh to enhance her luxurious appearance.

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