46-Year-Old Korean Beauty Looks Like She’s 20 with These Stylish and Glamorous Outfit Formulas

Taking inspiration from Chae Jung An's style, you can learn clever fashion tips to "hack" your age and effortlessly embrace the latest trends while still exuding elegance.


Prince Coffee Shop is a movie that is closely associated with many audiences from the 80s and early 90s generation. Supporting actress Chae Jung An, one of the beauties in this movie, has become a familiar face in many TV dramas. Despite being 46 years old, Chae Jung An still maintains her youthful appearance, especially her youthful and age-defying style.

White T-shirt, blue jeans, and blazer are a combo that Chae Jung An frequently chooses to wear because of their trendy and stylish nature. When combined, these items create a youthful outfit. To complete the overall look, Chae Jung An opted for a pair of red sneakers.

She keeps it simple and neat with a belt and pointed-toe shoes to create a sophisticated and polished outfit.

Chae Jung An combines a denim jacket with black shorts and high boots. This skillful mix of clothing creates a harmonious, stylish outfit that doesn’t make her look out of place for her age of 40+.

Chae Jung An wore this shirt in a youthful and dynamic way, with a tweed jacket over a white T-shirt and paired with straight jeans and Mary Jane shoes.

Chae Jung An achieves a harmonious and polished look without looking overwhelming. The age-defying effect of the overall outfit is enhanced when completed with a pair of sneakers.

A white shirt and wide-legged trousers are always a perfect match that doesn’t require much time to mix and match. To create a stylish appearance, she selected a pair of white sneakers to complement the outfit. This shoe style is youthful yet still blends well with an elegant ensemble.

Patterned dresses are a must-have fashion item. With subtle colors, Chae Jung An added sparkle to the overall look by wearing high boots, intricate earrings, and a youthful designed handbag.

Chae Jung An doesn’t overlook blazers. She skillfully pairs them with a black T-shirt, blue jeans, and a belt, creating an elegant outfit.

Chae Jung An suggests that you should choose a long coat with a turtleneck sweater and white jeans, combined with low-cut boots on cold days. This outfit is warm, fashionable, and also flattering thanks to the design of straight-legged jeans and pointed-toe high-heeled boots.

The combination of a black blazer and a black skirt with a horizontal striped shirt worn by Chae Jung An stands out for its elegance and youthful look. Chae Jung An also wore high socks inside her loafers to defy her age and add a new style to the outfit.

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