5 Black Outfits That Can Ruin Your Style Score, Don’t Be Foolish to Buy at a Discount

Below are 5 fashion items in black tone that you should avoid to avoid being criticized for your style.


Black attire is synonymous with the cold season because it gives a warm feeling. In particular, black is also considered easy to mix and match. However, some black items not only make you look dull but also make your style outdated. Below are 5 black fashion items you should avoid to avoid being criticized for your style.

Fancy leather skirt

Leather skirts are always popular for their personality and style, but with a fancy design, such as embellishing lace edges, it can make you lose style points. Styling with this type of fancy leather skirt also takes up a lot of time.


Minimalist leather skirts or loose black skirts are the ideal choices because they have a modern and trendy look. These simple skirt designs can effectively “hack” your age and elevate your style.

Black knit dress

You should carefully choose this type of outfit when shopping. A loose black knit dress is something you should avoid. To add sophistication, you should prioritize knit dresses in deeper shades, with a slight fit or waist accents. This type of dress is youthful, modern, and flattering.


Formal black dress

Your appearance can become even more dull if you choose a too formal dress. In addition, some formal black dress styles can also feel outdated, such as black dresses with white borders or lace fabric.

If you love the elegance of formal dresses, you should choose dresses in vibrant tones like white, beige, or pastels, which are youthful and stylish. Pairing a formal dress with vibrant colors with Mary Jane shoes, pointed-toe high heels, or simple ballet flats will give you an attractive outfit.


Black velvet top with pearl embellishments

A velvet top in black color with pearl embellishments can make your appearance look even more outdated. To complete an outfit that is both elegant and youthful, you should try wearing off-the-shoulder tops for the winter season. This style is currently trending, bringing a modern and sophisticated look to the wearer, suitable for festive occasions.

Even if you choose off-the-shoulder tops in dark shades like black, brown, or dark gray, the overall look still appears youthful.


Chunky knit sweater

Knit sweaters have many variations in the winter season, and not all of them are fashionable because they can easily make your appearance outdated. Dark-colored knit sweaters with chunky designs may add years to your look.


You should invest in plain-colored knit sweaters in black or other bright colors. Plain-colored knit sweaters still offer an “age-hacking” effect and make your appearance more stylish. Pairing plain-colored knit sweaters with wide-leg pants is already on-trend.

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