5 colors you should wear to attract fortune and luck in the new year

Below are 5 Fire element color tones that people can refer to in order to attract money, opportunities, and career development.


Choosing clothes for the spring is also a concern of many women. Below are 5 color tones that are compatible with the Fire element, helping the wearer attract money, opportunities, and career development.

Green color

Wood born from Fire should choose green color – symbolizing the Wood element is considered the lucky color of 2024. This is the representative tone for prosperity and luck. Green promises to bring the wearer luck, positive changes in the economy and life.

Green is not a bright color, but it is still preferred for its elegance. This color neutralizes, reduces the dazzling heat of other colors but still provides enough warmth to avoid being overwhelmed.

Red color

Red color is indispensable for every Lunar New Year as it represents brightness, luck, and stands out. The color tone representing the Fire element brings positive energy, showing power and attracting wealth.

Red appears in decorative items or creates meaningful objects such as lucky money envelopes, lanterns, firecrackers, bells, concentric circles… Wearing a red shirt or outfit for the New Year will help you attract wealth and luck, as well as bring intense excitement, enthusiasm, and a brilliant rise in the new year.

Orange color

This is a color tone associated with fire, energy, bringing enthusiasm, liveliness, and joy to the wearer. To avoid a flashy outfit, you can combine orange items with neutral, gentle colors such as black, white…

Yellow color

This is the color representing wealth, luck, and an optimistic, loving life mindset. Especially, when combined with the Fire element in 2024, this color creates a balance for individuals’ destiny, bringing extremely good achievements. Not only compatible with destiny, in terms of fashion, this color also helps you look younger.

Purple color

You can try adding purple to your appearance to make it more eye-catching and impressive. Especially, this color also has a close relationship with the Fire element, showing nobility, elegance, and attracting a lot of luck and wealth. You can refer to pastel purple tones to stay trendy and fashionable.

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