5 common skin problems on hot days and how to fix them

Summer comes with a lot of skin problems that make the sister association worry and spend a lot of money and time to take care of. Join us to learn about 5 common skin problems on hot days and effective tips to overcome them!


1 Sunburned skin

Summer is when the sun appears most and is most intense , they accelerate skin aging and cause sunburn.

The most common symptoms of sunburn are red, warm to the touch , burning pain, small blisters or blisters . Depending on the severity, this will appear within hours or days after exposure to the sun.

dấu hiệu da cháy nắng

To overcome this problem, drink a glass of cold water to cool your body, then apply a light gel-textured product to soothe and help lower your skin temperature. The best ingredients to soothe sunburned skin are aloe vera, chamomile, cucumber, etc.

You should also apply sunscreen before going outside to limit sunburn.

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2 Acne

In the summer, UV rays and harsh sunlight cause the skin to produce more oil , which clogs pores leading to more acne . The best way to take care of acne-prone skin is to keep it clean.

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To prevent this situation, you must limit sebum secretion, keep the skin clear and clean. Besides, you need to add to your diet a lot of vegetables and fruits and reduce spicy, hot and greasy foods.

Besides, you can use a few types of acne-fighting cosmetics to blow away all kinds of obnoxious acne.

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3 Darkening and melasma

On our skin, there are molecules called melanin, which act as a natural defense mechanism of the skin against ultraviolet rays. The more sun exposure, the more melanin is increased to protect the skin, making the skin darker and even the appearance of age spots, melasma because the body strengthens its own protective pigments, minimizing ultraviolet rays. through the skin.

Sạm và nám da

Therefore, every time you go out, you should use sunscreen (with a minimum SPF of 30), cover with a jacket, hat, and mask to avoid direct sunlight.

In addition, you can treat and fade melasma and dark spots with products containing AHA and BHA (rate less than 5%), lactic acid, glycolic acid, niacinamide, vitamin C, vitamin E, etc.

4 Dry, rough skin

The sultry heat of summer makes the skin more oily but can also make the skin dehydrated and dry , if maintained for a long time, it will lead to flaky skin, red rashes and crow 's feet in the skin. corners of the eyes and skin wrinkles.

 Da khô, sần sùi

You should add moisture to your skin by drinking lots of water , eating a variety of vegetables and using skin -moisturizing treatments or products regularly to protect your skin from being shiny and youthful in the coming days. summer day.

5 Large Pores

High temperatures cause pores on the skin to expand , accumulating a lot of dirt, leading to a variety of other problems on the skin.

Currently, the most effective method to help tighten pores is to clean the skin, use rose water and apply cosmetic treatments to treat pore problems on the face such as facial steaming, face masking. mask,…

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Above is information about common skin problems on hot days and how to overcome them that Dien May GREEN shares with you, wish you have a beautiful skin this summer!