5 Must-Have Short Skirt Styles for Fashionable Girls

Short skirts can be paired with various outfits to create a unique style and personality. Below are some types of short skirts that women should have.


Pleated Skirt

From summer to winter, short pleated skirts show no sign of “cooling down”. This design has a great advantage of making the hips look fuller and fuller, especially suitable for girls who need to improve the measurements in the lower body.

With a pleated skirt, you can pair it with a T-shirt, sweater, shirt, crop top,… No matter how you mix and match, this outfit brings a cute and dynamic look to the wearer.

Cargo Skirt

Recently, many women everywhere have been attracted to the boxy pocket pants, with a strong Y2K style. In addition to boxy pocket pants, boxy pocket skirts, especially short ones above the knees, are also highly sought after by women.

The large pockets on both sides of the skirt, combined with characteristic colors such as khaki, military green, make this design even more impressive.

With cargo skirts, it is most suitable to mix them with active outfits like a vest, T-shirt. Or if you want to look more interesting and stylish, you can wear them with a blouse, shirt.

Denim Skirt

Denim is a material that has never stopped attracting fashionistas, especially in 2023. When it comes to denim skirts, many people think they are only suitable for summer. However, even in cold weather, this item is still favored. The advantage of short denim skirts is that they “hack” age very well, making women look youthful, energetic, and also charming and attractive. You can mix this skirt with a shirt, sweater, or wear a denim-on-denim style to make a more impressive statement.

A-Line Mini Skirt

A simple, neutral-colored A-line mini skirt in shades of gray, brown, beige, white, black will bring elegance and sophistication to the wearer. In addition, this skirt style also has a good age-hacking effect.

If you want to perfect this outfit with finesse, you should pair the A-line mini skirt with designs such as a cardigan, white T-shirt, shirt,… and then layer with a trendy blazer.

Tweed Mini Skirt

This skirt style scores with sophistication. Even when you pair a tweed skirt with simple tops like a shirt, T-shirt,… you still have a glamorous look.

In addition, the tweed mini skirt has a sweet and youthful vibe, especially when you choose a version with bright colors like white, pastel pink, your appearance will be age-hacked.

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