5 Stunning Winter Sweater Styles Recommended by Fashionable Koreans

These familiar styles are loved and frequently worn by Korean girls.


Brown Shirt

The brown shirt is not only for summer but also a versatile item that can be worn all year round with its easy-to-wear style and flexible application. In the summer, you can mix and match the shirt with various styles, and in the winter, you can easily transform your style.

In addition to the white shirt, Korean girls also favor the gentle brown shirt during the cold season. This shirt not only brings the characteristic color of autumn but also adds elegance and gentleness to the wearer. You can layer a turtleneck inside the shirt to keep warm and create a fresh look for your outfit.

Cardigan Sweater

The cardigan sweater is a must-have item in the cold season. Nowadays, this type of sweater has become a must-have item for everyone, and you should buy it right away. The attractiveness of this sweater lies in the fact that by wearing it, you can easily score points for elegance and a better sense of style. For the cool early season weather, you should buy cardigans made of thin material to keep you warm.

Long-Sleeve Turtleneck

The long-sleeve turtleneck shirt has a very simple design, making it easy to wear. For those who like simplicity, wearing this shirt alone with a pair of jeans is beautiful enough. If you want to create a more layered look, you can mix it with any item you like without worrying about clashing colors.

Short-Sleeve Sweater

The short-sleeve sweater is also a fashion item beloved by Korean girls. This style shirt impresses with its minimalist and elegant look. Moreover, the interesting point of this shirt is the warm and neat feeling created by the material.

The short-sleeve sweater is a new style that has appeared in recent years, but because of its uniqueness, variety of designs, simple yet beautiful colors, it is always popular among young people. There are long-hemmed styles, cropped styles, just like regular t-shirts. This type of shirt is usually made of wool, so it is suitable to wear in cool, breezy weather.

This is a sweater that provides better warmth than a regular t-shirt and is suitable for the autumn-winter atmosphere. If you know how to wear this item, you will definitely receive compliments and become a fashionable lady in the eyes of your colleagues.

Long-Sleeve Blouse

We cannot forget to mention the long-sleeve blouse. Every time the cold season comes, you will see Korean girls wearing this style of blouse with jeans when going out. Thanks to its elegant silhouette and vibrant colors, this blouse adds a feminine touch.

Frequently asked questions

A brown shirt is a versatile piece that can be styled for summer and winter. In summer, mix and match it with various styles, and for winter, layer a turtleneck underneath for warmth and a fresh look. This shirt is a favorite among Korean girls during the cold season as it adds elegance and gentleness with its autumnal hue.

A cardigan sweater is essential as it instantly adds elegance and style to your outfit. Made from thin material, it’s perfect for the early season’s cool weather, providing warmth and a fashionable look. This type of sweater has become a staple item for all, offering an easy way to elevate your sense of style.

The long-sleeve turtleneck shirt is a minimalist’s dream, offering a simple yet beautiful design. It can be worn alone with jeans for a sleek look or layered with other items for a more complex outfit without worrying about clashing colors. Its versatility and ease of wear make it a popular choice.

The short-sleeve sweater stands out with its minimalist and elegant design, a unique style that has gained popularity in recent years. It provides warmth and a neat appearance, and its variety of designs and simple yet beautiful colors make it a favorite among young people. The wool material suits cool, breezy weather, offering better warmth than a regular t-shirt.

The long-sleeve blouse is a staple in Korean girls’ wardrobes for the cold months. Its elegant silhouette and vibrant colors add a feminine touch to any outfit, making it a go-to choice for a stylish and warm look when paired with jeans.

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