5 Telltale Signs That Your Face Doesn’t Suit a Short Haircut: The Snip That Unveils Your Imperfections and Drowns Your Beauty

As the temperature rises, the urge to snip off your locks can be strong. But before you take the plunge and opt for a short hairstyle, it's important to consider whether this look is truly for you. A cropped 'do may be trendy and tempting, but it's not a one-size-fits-all situation.


Summer is the time when women often contemplate going for a short haircut to feel fresh and cool. However, whether short hair truly suits you depends on various factors, such as your facial features and hair quality. To avoid any post-haircut regrets, carefully consider the following points before making that big decision.

If you possess any of the following characteristics, give it a thorough thought or seek advice from a hairstyling expert before opting for a new haircut.

Long Face

Ladies with long faces tend to have a longer middle section, and their cheeks may appear hollow. A short haircut will not only fail to balance out the facial proportions but also visually elongate the center of the face, resulting in an overall asymmetrical look. According to the “2.25-inch rule” coined by British hairstylists, if the distance from your earlobe to your chin is greater than 5.7 cm, you should think twice about short hair as it may accentuate the length of your face.

Long-faced girls don’t suit short hair

Thick and Short Neck

A thick and short neck is another feature to consider before chopping off your locks. Short hair can visually expose the neck, creating a disproportionate look, making you appear older and heavier. If you still want to experiment with short hair, opt for a moderate length that falls just above the shoulders. The hair should be long enough to cover the shoulders and neck, helping to conceal any imperfections and create a more harmonious appearance.

Facial Features with a Heavy Appearance

If your facial features are distinct and deep-set, or your face has prominent angles, it indicates that you have larger facial proportions. On the contrary, if your facial features are delicate and refined, it suggests a more petite face.

Celebrities like Dilireba, Angelababy, and Lisa are renowned for their deep and wide-set features. While they can effortlessly carry off any long hairstyle, their beauty may be overshadowed when they opt for short hair. The reason lies in the fact that short hair often creates an imbalanced look with the deep-set features, accentuating the heaviness of the face. Even these stunning actresses cannot pull off short hair, let alone ordinary folks.

Deep-set facial features don’t go well with short hair

Naturally Curly Hair

Individuals with naturally curly hair often struggle with straightening it, and the ends can be unruly and tend to stick out. Even if you spend a significant amount of time straightening your hair, a slight drizzle can bring it back to its natural curly state. Therefore, if you have naturally curly hair and don’t want to spend excessive time on hair care, it’s best to avoid short haircuts. Should you wish to go short, address the curl issue first for better results.

Undefined Jawline

If you have a double chin and an undefined jawline, short hair might not be the most flattering choice. Short hair will prominently showcase your jawbone, accentuating any facial asymmetries and giving the illusion of a rounder and broader face. If you’re determined to try short hair, the optimal length should be between your shoulders and collarbone. However, this also means you’ll have to deal with the challenge of managing flyaway ends and paying extra attention to your hair care routine.

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