6 basic principles when choosing and using perfume

Of course, when you want to buy a new perfume it can be difficult. So how do we choose the right one and use them properly?


Perfume has a very interesting feature that for each different user, the scent emitted will be different. It is this factor that has caused a lot of confusion when many people decide to buy a perfume just because they see their friends using it. This approach is not wrong, but it is not entirely correct. To decide to use a perfume most effectively, you need to apply the following 6 basic principles.

Look carefully at the origin of the perfume you intend to buy

When you “dot” a certain perfume and want to own it, the first thing you should do is consider where it comes from. In this day and age, you will easily find perfume information on the internet or through the company’s website (if available) or simply ask someone knowledgeable about perfume that you know and trust.

Tìm hiểu cụ thể thông tin loại nước hoa yêu thích trước khi mua
Find out specific information about your favorite perfume before buying

The reason you need to find out carefully is that perfumes are made up of many different chemical components, some have natural ingredients, others have chemical ingredients, but in general, there are some types of perfume that can cause harm. allergies to your skin. Therefore, finding information is the first step you need to take.

Take care of hobbies and weather

Perfume will be like a message to those around you to know what kind of personality you are, so choosing a perfume you feel like and feel right for you is a prerequisite.

Thời tiết là yếu tố quan trọng khi bạn lựa chọn loại nước hoa phù hợp
Weather is an important factor when choosing the right perfume

Next, you should pay attention to the weather. If you are a sophisticated person and love perfume, then you will know never to wear perfume year-round all month long. Fragrances for winter will be less concentrated and have a milder scent than summer perfumes, so if you use the same type for both seasons, it will cause the perfume to not smell like you want or the smell is too strong to make you feel uncomfortable. uncomfortable.

Spray perfume on blotting paper and inhale deeply

When buying perfume, people often have the habit of spraying directly on the skin to see if the smell suits them or not. This makes sense when you already know what you like or have used before. If you are looking for a new perfume, you should not apply this method. When trying a new perfume, you will try many types at the same time, if you also put it on your skin, after a while, you will be confused and can’t distinguish which one you like best.

Sử dụng giấy thấm thử nước hoa khi mua
Use absorbent paper to test perfume when buying

Spray on absorbent paper to test the perfume, and patiently and carefully take a deep and slow breath to enjoy its taste before you decide to buy. Don’t be too subjective and overzealous with this stage, they will be the deciding factor whether you should buy or not.

Do not rub

People often have a habit of rubbing when trying or applying perfume. However, this method is not reasonable because when rubbing like that, the sudden change in temperature will ruin the accurate judgment of the original perfume smell.

Chà xát sẽ gây mất mùi thật của nước hoa
Rubbing will cause the real smell of a perfume to be lost

Besides, do not smell the perfume just after spraying, because when the perfume comes into contact with the outside air, an oxidation process will occur, combined with the body’s body temperature to create the correct scent. best. Therefore, when you spray perfume on your skin, you should let them settle a bit and then smell it, you will see a much different scent.

Do not spray too close

Why? In perfumes containing alcohol, if sprayed directly to the point of making the skin wet, when going out in the sun, the skin is easily burned or tanned in the area exposed to many perfumes. At the same time, this way of using perfume also wastes perfume many times.

Xịt nước hoa với cự ly quá gần không tốt cho da
Spraying perfume at too close a distance is not good for the skin

To avoid the above situation, the most ideal way to spray perfume is recommended by beauty experts when you have just finished showering and dried your body. Use perfume to spray into the air to form an arc-shaped mist that fits your body and then step into that arc. This helps the perfume stick to your whole body and exudes a very natural light scent.

Store in the fridge

In addition to the expiration date printed on the package, a perfume bottle needs to be preserved to keep the scent fresh and prolong its maximum life. By storing perfume in, you will help them ensure the above two factors. Otherwise, keep the perfume in a place that is not damp, cool, and out of direct sunlight.

Lưu trữ nơi thoáng mát để nước hoa giữ được lâu
Store in a cool place to keep perfume for a long time

You see, choosing a satisfactory perfume to use effectively is not too difficult but requires certain skills. Are you a fan of perfume? If yes, please share with us Your opinion right in the comment section below.