6 tips to keep your hands beautiful even though you have to do housework every day

Doing daily household chores such as washing dishes, washing clothes, cleaning the kitchen… can make your hands more wrinkled, dry and aging quickly. DienmayXANH.com will tell you the secret to keeping your hands as beautiful as you want with these extremely simple tips.


Always wear gloves when doing housework

Frequent direct contact with chemicals in washing powder, dishwashing liquid… will make your hands dry and cracked. Therefore, you should always wear gloves when doing housework. Remember, never choose soft and tight gloves, which will only make it harder for you to work. Choose a type with spikes on your fingers and not too tight, it is both a good assistant for you in housework, and good protection for your hands from chemicals in cleaning water.

Luôn đeo găng tay khi làm việc nhà
Always wear gloves when doing housework

Wipe the kitchen with tissue

It sounds hard to believe, but did you know that if you use a kitchen towel, you not only waste time washing the towel, but also can make your hands sticky with chemicals in the washing water. Not to mention, the continuous wringing of towels to dry can make your beautiful hands swell. So, go to the market to buy cheap tissue paper to wipe the grease stains on the stove, pots and pans when cooking. After using, you can throw the paper in, very convenient and fast.

Lau bếp bằng giấy ăn thay vì dùng khăn
Wipe the kitchen with tissue instead of a towel

Limit exposure to raw food

When preparing raw foods such as shrimp, meat, fish… you should use chopsticks, tongs instead of touching them. This both helps to ensure hygiene and helps you limit the number of times you wash your hands with chemicals, which is not good for the skin of your hands.

Hạn chế tiếp xúc trực tiếp với thực phẩm sống khi sơ chế
Limit direct contact with raw food during preliminary processing

Be careful with detergents

Umbrella can make your laundry easier and faster, in some cases, you still have to soak and rub some stains on your clothes by hand before putting them in the machine. At this point, you need to wear gloves and then use a soft brush to scrub the stain. This method will maximize the protection of the hands from soaking up the chemicals in the washing powder, and also keep the skin of the hands from getting wrinkled if they have to rub and rub clothes.

Do not believe too much in advertisements such as washing powder, dishwashing liquid … extracted from lemons, derived from nature. Chemicals are still present in the cleaners that your hands come into contact with every day and can make the skin of your hands dry, thin, and mutagenic, possibly cancerous. Therefore, it is necessary to equip yourself with tools to protect your hands and limit direct contact with chemicals as much as possible.

Hạn chế tiếp xúc nhiều với các chất tẩy rửa
Limit exposure to detergents

Use hand cream

Moisturizing cream is an effective way to keep hands from drying out and cracking. After doing housework, wash your hands, about 5 minutes later you will feel your hands are dry and this is the time you need to apply lotion. Gently massage the cream from your fingers to your wrist, without too much massage. Should use cream extracted from plant essential oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, almond … to bring high efficiency to the skin of your hands.

Luôn dùng kem dưỡng ẩm giúp da tay khô bị khô ráp
Always use a moisturizer to help dry, dry hands

Diligently exfoliate dead skin

Just like your face, you also need to exfoliate your hands about twice a month. Use lemon or honey to mix with sugar, gently massage on hands for 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Regularly performed, soon the skin of your hands will become much younger and smoother.

Hỗn hợp đường và chanh tẩy da chết rất hiệu quả
The mixture of sugar and lemon is very effective in exfoliating the skin

With 6 tips to take care of your hands when doing housework as above, hopefully you will own beautiful hands to increase your confidence and attractiveness. If you know any other great tips, don't hesitate to share them now!