6 ways to lose belly fat massage to help you get back in shape quickly

Excess belly fat not only affects the appearance, health but also has a significant impact on the psychology of women. GREEN Electric Machine will guide you through 6 easy ways to massage belly fat to help you get back in shape quickly!


1 Massage to reduce belly fat with ginger wine


Ginger wine has the effect of burning belly fat, stimulating the process of collagen regeneration to make the skin more beautiful and smooth.

Ginger contains more than 40 types of antioxidants, eliminates toxins to help skin stay young, smooth, reduces the amount and level of triglycerides (medium fat), stimulates metabolism, burns excess fat and efficient.

– Ginger has a hot property, so when massaged and in contact with the skin, it will generate heat, increasing the fat breakdown process, helping the body to burn excess fat effectively. The effect of reducing fat will become even faster if you combine ginger and alcohol.

Massage giảm mỡ bụng với rượu gừng


You use ginger wine to apply directly to the abdomen, thighs, arms and gently massage for about 15 minutes to promote fat burning. To increase the effectiveness of reducing belly fat, you can use crushed fresh ginger and apply it to the abdomen for 5 minutes and then use ginger ale to massage.

Massage giảm mỡ bụng với rượu gừng

2 Chinese massage techniques to reduce belly fat


According to traditional Chinese medicine documents, this massage technique will warm the abdomen. Generating heat helps to break down fat faster.

This Chinese abdominal massage technique has the effect of effectively reducing excess fat in the abdomen, improving digestion, speeding up fat metabolism, enhancing blood circulation in the abdomen and stimulating regional organs. The abdomen works more efficiently.

Kỹ thuật massage giảm mỡ bụng của người Trung Quốc


You lie on your back on a firm floor. Rub your palms together so they generate heat and heat up. You put your hand on your belly, rub around the navel into a small circle clockwise, the speed of the massage is getting faster and faster. Then you rub for a larger circle around the abdomen, each circle for 1-2 seconds , continuously for 2 minutes.

Kỹ thuật massage giảm mỡ bụng của người Trung Quốc

3 Massage to reduce belly fat with salt


When salt is hot, it will generate heat and retain heat for a long time, so it helps to melt belly fat, help the abdomen to be firm, and prevent sagging and sagging skin. Salt also has the effect of exfoliating, unclogs pores for nutrients to penetrate quickly through the skin effectively, helping to release free radicals, purifying and fighting the aging process.

Recipes to reduce belly fat quickly at home with salt


Abdominal massage with salt is very simple. You roast the salt until the salt turns white and hot, then wrap the salt in a cotton cloth. You should choose a fabric that is breathable but thick enough to avoid burning your skin from hot salt.

Massage giảm mỡ bụng với muối

Next, apply a salt bag to your abdomen, while applying it, move and massage in a clockwise direction from the outside to the inside and from the top to the bottom. When the salt is cooled, you can put it back in and roast it again until it's hot and then use it again, then discard.

You can roast salt and wormwood, roasted salt with ginger to lose weight in the abdominal area, and quickly dissolve belly fat.

4 Abdominal massage with natural essential oils

Natural essential oils are also one of the commonly used ingredients in the massage process to help reduce belly fat. You can do it in the following way:

First, you mix 15 drops of essential oil and 30ml of candle oil (can use coconut oil, jojoba oil, or olive oil, …). Put the mixture on your hands and rub your palms to heat up the oil, then massage around the abdomen. You move your palms close to the lower abdomen and then massage in circles around the abdomen for a few times.

Then, pull your hands above the waist and move in a circle for a few more rounds. Then you take the navel as the center and move it in a spiral from the inside out. In addition to abdominal massage, you can steam with essential oils to reduce belly fat, help you detox, keep your body warm and remove toxins accumulated under the skin.

 Massage bụng với các tinh dầu thiên nhiên

5 Perform hand massage movements

You put massage oil, massage gel into the palm of your hand. Rubbing your hands together creates heat to keep your palms warmer. Next, use 2 thumbs to press from the navel to the hip in the shape of an arrow. Repeat 2-3 times, do not press too lightly or too hard.

Continue to rub the abdomen with your hands, taking the navel as the center, rotating around the navel clockwise at least 20 times and doing. You clasped your hands, pressing gently on the back of the waist. Pressing on this point will help stimulate fat burning and blood circulation. If you persist in doing this massage 2-3 times a day. You will soon lose belly fat.

Thực hiện các động tác massage tay không

You can combine manual abdominal massage with ice to speed up your fat burning process. Ice also helps you limit skin aging, tighten skin and make skin smoother.

6 Using a belly massage machine

Abdominal massage machine works on the principle of heat dissipation to consume excess fat in the abdomen. Therefore, they are especially useful for those who have to sit a lot, are overweight or postpartum women who want to lose fat in this 2nd round area. The belly massager's method of reducing fat for a slim waist is sure and effective.

Sử dụng máy massage bụng

To get the best effect, you need to combine more exercise and scientific diet, persistently massage to reduce belly fat for a while to see results. Wish you success and quickly get the dream ant waist.