7 Makeup Mistakes that Accentuate Wrinkles, Ladies Should Pay Attention to Avoid Dulling Their Beauty on March 8th

Even as a professional makeup artist, there are still basic mistakes that you might make.


March 8th is Women’s Day, and one way to shine is through makeup. Although it is a basic step, some common makeup mistakes can make your face look older and less beautiful. These aging makeup mistakes can accentuate wrinkles. To look fresh and modern, avoid these makeup risks on our special day.

Not using primer

Primer can blur pores and create a barrier between the skin and foundation and concealer. If your skin is dry, you should buy a moisturizing primer that provides essential ingredients to the skin.

Just apply it and then apply the foundation and concealer, and your skin will instantly be plump. This additional step helps your makeup last longer and can prevent streaks and buildup.

Using primer helps achieve perfect skin.

Applying too much foundation

Too much is never good, it only creates an even base to hide discoloration or redness on your face. But this makeup product should not replace color correcting or concealer and should choose a foundation that matches your skin tone.

Then just apply makeup to the areas on your face that you feel are necessary. You should blend the makeup with a damp sponge or brush and remember to apply it to your neck as well. Applying more foundation to these areas can only accentuate wrinkles and make pores look larger.

Not blending makeup layers well

Blend foundation, concealer, blush, and eyeshadow to avoid harsh lines on the face. Whether you use a damp makeup sponge, a makeup brush, or your finger – make sure you spend the last few minutes of the makeup process blending. Spray a setting spray on your skin to keep your makeup in place for many hours.

A light, glowing makeup look makes you shine.

Heavy eye shadow

To compensate for wrinkles, some people apply dark eyeshadow heavily to the creases of their eyelids to create contrast, but it can look a bit harsh. A better solution is to keep the eyeshadow in a light or medium neutral tone like dark brown or beige and use them to open up the eyes and create light instead of contrast. You can also line the upper lash line with a dark brown pencil and add false eyelashes or a volumizing mascara to enhance the look.

Inappropriate eyebrow

Eyebrows make a big difference, and overly thin eyebrows can make you look much older. Use an eyebrow pencil that matches your eyebrow color and fill in areas where hair is missing but follow the natural shape of your eyebrows and don’t try to create a shape.

Heavy eyeliner

Applying black or overly brown eyeliner can draw attention to dark circles and other color changes around your eyes. A cream-colored eyeliner brightens your eyes and makes them look larger and more awake.

Using too dark lipstick

Dark lipstick can create contrast and highlight fine lines and small wrinkles you may have around your lips. You can try lining your lips with a nude lip pencil and applying a neutral-toned lipstick and a layer of gloss on top to “fill” your lips.

Frequently asked questions

By all means, avoid applying too much foundation. Foundation should be used sparingly to create an even base, and should be blended well with a sponge or brush. It should match your skin tone and be applied to your neck as well to avoid any harsh lines.

Blending is essential! Ensure you blend all layers of makeup, including foundation, concealer, blush, and eyeshadow. This will create a seamless finish and avoid any harsh lines. A light, glowing makeup look can be achieved with a good primer, a well-blended foundation, and a touch of highlighter.

Heavy eye shadow, particularly in dark shades, can accentuate wrinkles and look harsh. Instead, opt for light or medium neutral tones like dark brown or beige to open up the eyes. You can also add definition with a dark brown pencil along the upper lash line and enhance with false eyelashes or volumizing mascara.

Thick, natural-shaped eyebrows are key. Overly thin eyebrows can age your appearance. Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in any sparse areas, following your natural shape.

Avoid black or dark brown eyeliner, as this can draw attention to dark circles. Instead, opt for a cream-colored eyeliner to brighten and enlarge the appearance of your eyes.

Dark lipstick can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles. For a more youthful look, line your lips with a nude lip pencil and fill them in with a neutral-toned lipstick and a layer of gloss.
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