7 outdated skirt styles that women should avoid when shopping for Lunar New Year outfits

In fact, there are skirts that women often mistakenly think are flattering but in reality, they can make you look less appealing.


In addition to áo dài and tight dresses, skirts are also a popular choice for Tet. There are countless cute and fashionable skirt styles to choose from. However, not every skirt style flatters your figure and height. In fact, there are skirt styles that may appear flattering but actually make you look shorter.

Low-rise denim skirt

Although this is a basic style that many people choose, you should carefully consider before buying a low-rise skirt. Despite its popularity, these skirts do not flatter everyone. Shorter girls or those with short legs should definitely stay away. It accentuates your short legs.

Tight pencil skirt

Tight, long pencil skirts highlight many flaws such as muffin top and small buttocks. Additionally, this style is not suitable for many occasions, especially those made of thin materials like silk or wool.

Mermaid skirt

Mermaid skirts make you look older than you actually are. They also restrict movement and make it difficult to walk. Therefore, if you are planning to wear this item for Tet, you should reconsider.

Layered skirt

Long layered skirts are no longer fashionable and they also make you look less slim. The best choice for you is A-line skirts or pleated maxi skirts. They are the perfect items for every woman’s Tet wardrobe.

Velvet skirt

With its thick and soft fabric, velvet skirts effectively keep your legs warm. However, velvet skirts are no longer trendy and can make you look older than your age. Additionally, maintaining velvet skirts can be quite challenging.

Lace skirt

A lace skirt can make women look much older than their age. Additionally, the added lace patterns can be distracting, overwhelming, and outdated. The lace portion is often delicate and can be easily damaged when washed.

Leopard print skirt

The second skirt style that is no longer trendy is leopard print. This pattern is vibrant and fierce, making it unsuitable for serious and formal work environments. If you like patterned skirts, prioritize cute floral items instead.

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