7 Stylish Ways to Wear a Long Knit Skirt

It is evident that coordinating outfits with a long knitted skirt is not an overly challenging task. By selecting the right accessories and matching tops, you can create truly impressive and stylish outfits.


Try applying the following suggestions and unleash your creativity to create interesting outfits from long wool skirts!

1. Pairing the long wool skirt with a trench coat

If you often have to meet partners or attend business meetings, combining a long wool skirt with a trench coat is a perfect choice. This outfit will make you look elegant, sophisticated, and showcase your style. To make the outfit more refined and interesting, you can choose a skirt and a coat in the same tone, such as brown or beige.

2. Pairing the long wool skirt with a button-up shirt

You can confidently meet all the criteria of elegance, sophistication, and style. In addition, the long wool skirt also easily combines with a women’s button-up shirt, creating a casual and unique style.

3. Pairing the long wool skirt with a long-sleeve t-shirt or a sweater

By pairing a long wool skirt with a long-sleeve t-shirt or a sweater, you can not only make use of the old shirt in your wardrobe but also transform it with the wool skirt to create a youthful and dynamic outfit.

4. Pairing the long wool skirt with a knit top

You can choose any type of knit top, from a fitted knit top to a loose-knit top, and it will bring harmony. If you wear it to work, you can also tuck it in to create a polished and balanced outfit.

5. Pairing the long wool skirt with a cardigan

With a long or knee-length wool skirt, paired with a cardigan, you will create a sweet, gentle, and feminine look. Wearing a wool skirt and adding a soft and gentle cardigan will make you look more graceful.

6. Pairing the long wool skirt with a hoodie

When paired with a hoodie, the long wool skirt creates an outfit that is suitable for many different styles, from feminine and gentle to modern and youthful, even personality and energetic. This outfit combination will help you shine and highlight your beauty and style.

7. Pairing the long wool skirt with a puffer coat

A great way to style the long wool skirt is to pair it with a puffer coat. This method not only keeps you warm but also helps hide many body imperfections. You can confidently wear it to work, school, or while strolling without worrying about the cold.

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