8 beautiful hairstyles for March 8 to help her confidently "shine"

March 8 is a day to honor the beauty and value of women, an opportunity for women to wear beautiful and confident outfits in front of the crowd with a beautiful appearance. Let's go to Dien May Xanh to review 8 beautiful hairstyles for March 8 to help her confidently "shine"!


1 Long and gentle curly hair

Long curly hair is a hairstyle that many women are looking for. With the characteristic that the tail curls are curled naturally, it helps to cleverly cover the defects of the face. Owning this hairstyle gives you a youthful, luxurious, graceful and gentle appearance that does not take much time to take care of.

Tóc xoăn dài thướt tha và nhẹ nhàng

If you have not been to the hair salon in time but still want to have a bouncy hair, there is a small tip for you:

You use a spray bottle of water, lightly spray the ends of your hair to wet it > Wipe off the water with a soft towel and gently brush your hair to keep it from getting tangled > Divide your hair into two parts, then twist it into a round bun overnight. With this, you will have a lovely long curly hair tomorrow.

You can also follow the instructions in the following video:

2 The hair over the shoulder is slightly curled, dyed in a light color tone

The slightly curly shoulder-length hairstyle can hide the flaws of many face types. Curly shoulder-length hair helps girls' faces become more elegant and confident. Simple hairstyles with moderate length help your face become harmonious and balanced.

To have a slightly curly hair over the shoulder, you can apply the way:

Take a section of hair as desired and mist it with a heat spray to protect it > Use a wide tooth comb to help the heat protectant penetrate more evenly on the hair > Choose the direction of curling, can be towards the face or out far > Twist the hair around and hold for a few seconds.

Tóc ngang vai quăn nhẹ, nhuộm tone màu sáng

When the hair over the shoulder is slightly curled in combination with the light dye tone, it will help the girls see the youth and dynamism. With a light color tone, your face will look much brighter. Bright colors always bring strange attraction and charm!

3 Gentle and elegant braided hair

Gentle, elegant braided hair is one of the traditional hairstyles imported from France that will bring a unique and new look that is equally attractive.

To do this, you need to smoothen your hair , then proceed to braiding your hair by crossing a strand of hair on the right side in the middle to create a V shape so that the middle curl is brought to the right and then cross the left curl. Enter between.

Tóc tết nhẹ nhàng, thanh lịch

Next, use your left hand to squeeze the braided strand on the left to the center and then push the middle strand to the left to hold the braided hair with your right hand. Continue to use your left hand to take a strand of excess hair on the left side, squeeze it in the middle, and then change hands to hold the hair from the left hand to the right hand. Finally, you adjust to do the next steps to get the excess curls on both sides and squeeze in the middle with the braided curls. Do the same to the ends of the hair and then use an elastic band to secure it.

4 Very cool straight bob hairstyle

2021 is also a time when many pretty hot girls to famous idols accept this bob hairstyle. This is a very popular hairstyle in many parts of the world, including Korea. Just skillfully style it so that it suits your face proportions, you will have a face that many people will envy.

Kiểu tóc bob thẳng cực cá tính

5 Straight or curly hair dyed in a unique and strange ombre color

Ombre hair is considered one of the hot hairstyles and is varied with many different hair dye trends and colors. Depending on your skin tone, choose the best ombre tone to be the center of attention in the crowd.

Growing long hair and dyeing ombre hair at the end is a trend that is popular with many female stars and has many different color variations. Personality girls will choose parting styles, wavy curls to create more accents for their hair along with their personality dyes.

Tóc thẳng hoặc xoăn nhuộm màu ombre độc, lạ

There are quite a few ombre hair styles for you to choose from such as yellow ombre, blue ombre, coral orange, smoky purple ombre, blue, delicate platinum or vibrant orange red. Can be dyed very dark so that it is not easy to fade and still ensure the inherent dye color of the hair.

6 Dynamic and personality Pixie short hairstyles

Pixie hair is a short haircut with the bangs cut short and shaped in many styles as you like. This hairstyle gives women a youthful and dynamic appearance. powerful and attractive.

Many female stars with elongated faces choose to cut their hair below the jawline with a length above the shoulder. This pixie haircut should be cut with sparse bangs or slanted bangs to make your appearance more youthful and dynamic.

There are many pixie hairstyles that girls can choose from, such as light curly pixie bangs, slanted pixie cut hair with a strong look. But first of all, you need to remember clearly which pixie hairstyle suits your face, determine if your face is round, oval or square, choose the best style or go to a beauty salon for advice. .

kiểu tóc ngắn

7 Charming curly hair

Beautiful ruffled hairstyle is chosen by many girls to refresh their own style. Hairstyles are varied with many styles suitable for each face and age. Make accents with bright dye tones to hack age effectively.

Mái tóc xoăn xù quyến rũ

The hair "shrimp noodles" is quite easy to coordinate with many types of coats, sweaters, beret hats,… The ideal length of hair is waist -length, depending on the preferences of each person, you can choose the right hair color for you. best.

One point to note, is that women should combine them with light dyed hair tones to avoid being older than their age, and must have a suitable hair care regimen to avoid damage caused by chemicals. .

You can refer to how to own a very cute curly hair without going to the salon through the following video!

8 Long hair tied in a ponytail

This is no longer a new hairstyle but it will certainly never go out of fashion, the fashion that this hairstyle brings will definitely make you unexpected. There are many ways to tie cute ponytails, but it needs to match the face shape to enhance the beauty of the girls' faces.

Referring to the ponytail, we often think of a typical hairstyle for dynamic, personality girls, but few people know that the ponytail also has countless other advantages.

Tóc thẳng buộc đuôi ngựa

A ponytail can help girls conceal their face very effectively and is very handy on busy days. Just know how to tie your hair up cutely and combine your clothes appropriately, you will quickly have a neat appearance in the eyes of the opposite person.

Above is information about 8 beautiful hairstyles for March 8 to help her confidently "shine" that Dien May Xanh shares with you. If you have any questions, please leave information below the article.