Achieving a Glamorous Bridal Look with a Classic Red Ao Dai

Aspiring Vietnamese brides can maintain their signature traditional look with these makeup tips, ensuring their iconic red áo dài will be perfectly completed for their big day. Here's what to keep in mind for the perfect makeup look.


Traditional red áo dài is a popular choice for many brides. Today, we will show you how to do makeup to look beautiful and stand out when wearing a red áo dài! Here are some tips on how to do makeup for brides in a beautiful red áo dài on their wedding day.

1. Tips for choosing the right makeup tone

Depending on body shape, skin tone, and wedding context, each bride will be suitable for a different makeup tone. However, to achieve a classy and elegant beauty, the bride should choose a makeup tone with a light brown color to avoid looking too dull, and to help the bride appear poised and charming.

2. Tips for choosing the right foundation

Tips for choosing the right foundationTips for choosing the right foundation

To make the bride stand out in the red áo dài without being too flashy or dazzling, the bride should choose a foundation that matches her skin tone or is slightly different from her skin tone, while avoiding foundations that are too dark or too light. It’s also recommended to test the foundation on the neck beforehand to ensure a good color match with the skin tone!

3. Tips for enhancing the eyes

Tips for enhancing the eyesTips for enhancing the eyes

As one of the most challenging steps in makeup, brides wearing a red áo dài can choose eye makeup tones such as nude, nude peach, peach, baby pink, or wine red to create an attractive and elegant look with sparkling and lively eyes!

4. Tips for choosing the right lipstick shade for a red áo dài

Tips for choosing the right lipstick shade for a red áo dàiTips for choosing the right lipstick shade for a red áo dài

In addition to choosing a shade that matches the eye and blush colors, brides can choose bright and outstanding shades if they prefer a light, classic style, or go for soft shades like baby pink, earthy pink, peach, or wine red for a gentle and youthful beauty on their important wedding day.

5. Tips for applying blush

Tips for applying blushTips for applying blush

Applying blush is also an important factor to make the bride look radiant and vibrant in a red áo dài. Brides should choose blush shades that are compatible with their eye and lipstick colors, but avoid applying too heavily to maintain a youthful, graceful, and elegant makeup look.

6. Tips for highlighting and contouring

Tips for highlighting and contouringTips for highlighting and contouring

With gentle contouring and highlighting on the nose bridge and both cheekbones, this step will make the bride’s face more radiant and bright. However, brides need to consider the weather conditions to avoid excessive contouring and highlighting, which can make the face look shiny and unnatural when exposed to the sun.

7. Tips for hairstyling

Depending on the bride’s face shape, various hairstyles like letting the hair down, braided hair, low bun, high bun, etc., can be chosen to match the traditional red áo dài outfit. Additionally, brides can also consider some special and outstanding hairstyles such as:

Tips for hairstylingTips for hairstyling

  • Long wavy hair with light curls.
  • Half-up half-down hairstyle with loose hair and slightly curled ends.
  • High bun in a modern style.
  • Braided hair at the back of the head.
  • Wavy hair with a beach wave style.
  • Straight and loose hair in a traditional, classic style.
  • Elegant and intricate low bun hairstyle.

8. Tips for choosing statement accessories

Tips for choosing statement accessoriesTips for choosing statement accessories

In addition to traditional hairpins, brides can make their red áo dài more prominent and attractive by choosing young and delicate accessories such as small fresh flowers or small dried flowers. It’s also advised to avoid wearing oversized accessories with too many stones or beads to prevent a outdated or old-fashioned look.

Now we have finished guiding how to do makeup to look beautiful and stand out when wearing a red áo dài! We hope that with this article, brides will feel confident and radiant on their extremely important and meaningful wedding day!

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