An Effortless Winter Essential that Accentuates Both Long Legs and a Toned Backside

Tights are an essential item in every girl's basic wardrobe to transform her look with various styles.


Tights and leggings are no longer unfamiliar to every girl. As winter arrives, girls are getting acquainted with this delicate yet versatile item. Tights are truly a must-have item in the basic wardrobe for girls to transform different styles.


Black leggings and little black dress are a perfect duo that cannot be separated, especially when you want to achieve a perfect, sophisticated visual. It may seem simple, but it reflects the modern fashion mindset that cannot ignore the foundational knowledge of classical fashion.


Mixing with a pleated short skirt to hit the streets on cold winter days is a perfect suggestion. You can refer to the fresh and cool combination from Emmanuelle Koffi. The fashion blogger wears a thin sweater with a gray skirt and adds leggings.


A gray suit is paired with leggings and shiny leather high heels by Gala Borzova to show a trendy image of late cold fashion. Fashionistas cleverly combine warm items made of wool and suede with silk tops, while the stretchability and good coverage of tights ensure warmth for you.


A fashion blogger living in Vancouver, Canada, pairs these unique pants with a turtleneck sweater, an oversized blazer, and a pair of combat boots for a warm and ready-to-go outfit, even in the coldest weather.


Still a typical oversized coat outfit, but the red accents on Vitaliia’s outfit are connected by a pair of thin warming leggings.


In the cold and often rainy winter, rain boots become more personality, impressive, and reasonable when mixed with tights. Choose black to have a harmonious color combination to create a striking impression, attracting attention like famous girls.


Not only boots, classic styles like Mary Janes or loafers or any pair of shoes can be mixed with leggings.


One of the tricks to draw attention to beautiful legs is to use contrasting colors like this girl does. White slingback shoes + black leggings help balance the look for the outfit.


Bold, but not everyone dares to experiment – that’s how fashionista Camille Charriere does it. She wears a pale gray set with leggings to provide a sense of security and minimize body exposure despite wearing ultra-small pants.

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