Angelina Jolie Launches Fashion Label Using Vintage and Excess Materials

Angelina, a renowned celebrity known for her extravagant and expensive red carpet outfits, takes a different approach when it comes to creating her own fashion label. Instead of using luxurious fabrics and materials, she chooses to work with old clothes and leftover fabrics. This raises the question: is she starting this fashion brand purely for social purposes or is she introducing a new kind of fashion?


Famous actresses like Angelina are always sought after by fashion houses, and if she wears clothes from any brand, that brand is honored. Now she is establishing her own fashion brand using only surplus and old fabric and clothes. Is this route slapping the luxurious fashion industry in the world?

The press quotes her as saying: “Our sewing workshop will be a place to help talented creatives collaborate with professional seamstresses, fashion designers, and skilled artisans from all over the world.”

In response to the press, the actress stated that her team had completed the procedures and the fashion project will be launched in the fall of this year. The most surprising thing is that their clothes focus on craftsmanship and quality, trying to minimize waste and production costs. So her fashion brand will use old clothes and surplus items.

The name of the actress’s fashion brand

Recently, Angelina has appeared before the public wearing monochromatic, minimalist outfits and reusing old outfits. The world is also calling on fashion brands to protect the environment. The actress urges everyone to repair and reuse old clothes to turn them into new sustainable fashion pieces.

The simple, monochromatic appearances of Angelina

Let’s wait for the launch of her fashion brand. The artist also stated that this project has been brewing for many years. She wants to honor fashion workers and call on everyone to practice a sustainable fashion lifestyle and protect the environment.

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