Antidote, cure pain from guise leaves

Betel leaves – in addition to the function to eat with food, they also have the ability to cure diseases such as pain, runny nose or even detoxification. How to use it, how to use it? Let's find out through this article of Bach Hoa XANH.


The guise is quite familiar in life

If you have ever eaten dishes such as: Grilled beef with guise leaves, using guise leaves to wrap dishes (banh xeo, banh khot), or served with raw vegetables, etc., you will not be too unfamiliar with this vegetable. . Their taste has a slightly strong characteristic smell, but when eaten, it is very fragrant. This is a vegetable that grows a lot on the roadside, easy to grow in the garden, and can live even in harsh environments.

Lá lốt có vị cay, mùi thơm, tính ấm The leaves have a spicy, aromatic, and warm taste

Betel leaves have spicy taste, aroma, warmth, moderate effect, canopy, lower gas, only system. There are many, the ancients knew to use guise leaves to treat rheumatism, cold hands and feet, paralysis, digestive disorders, vomiting, flatulence, bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, cold kidneys and bladder, toothache, headache, runny nose.

Leaves can cure pain and numbness

Pain in the joints, rheumatism is a very common disease in the elderly, people who work hard, even young people are still likely to have this disease. A very effective folk remedy is prepared from guise leaves as follows:

Joint pain disease

Use a few bay leaves, mistletoe, and wash them thoroughly. Then add 250ml of water, bring the color to about 150ml. Drink 2 times a day, after lunch and before going to bed. Within 10-15 days, joint pain will be significantly reduced.

bệnh đau nhức xương, nếu dùng lá lốt trong 10 - 15 ngày sẽ khỏi hẳn

Numbness is low

Use the roots of the guava plant, the grass scratched, the royal vine, the lilac chain, and the pillowcase mixed together. Put in the measuring pot down. Drink twice a day in the afternoon and evening. Rheumatoid arthritis will subside quickly.

dùng lá lốt kết hợp với các vị thuốc khác sẽ trừ được bệnh tê thấp

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Cure stomachache, toothache

Use bay leaves to wash (should use moderately old leaves, do not use too young leaves), chew well and then put a little in your mouth, then swallow the water and leaves. The warmth in the guise leaves will reduce the pain significantly.

chúng còn chữa được bệnh đau răng, đau đầu

Cure sinusitis, thick runny nose

When you have a cold, the runny nose will not stop appearing in your nose, making it very difficult for you to breathe. Using a small amount of crushed guava leaves squeeze a little water into the nose to help clear the nose, no longer stuffy.

giã nhuyễn lá lốt vắt lấy nước nhỏ vào mũi sẽ không bị sổ mũi nữa

Antidote from animal bites

Animals such as snakes, dogs, mice, when biting will poison you. If accidentally bitten. Use a few fresh bay leaves, star fruit leaves, crushed white beans (add a few tablespoons of filtered water). Mix together to extract water to drink. Then, take to the nearest dispensary or hospital.

ngoài ra chúng còn có chức năng giải độc hiệu quả

Betel leaf is a vegetable that is very easy to grow and has many uses. Not only is a vegetable that helps people feel good, they also have the ability to heal a number of diseases, wounds and detoxify. Remember, if you need it, use it.

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