Beautiful floral dress inspired by Phuong Oanh, the new bride of Shark Binh, perfect for both office and streetwear

Despite occasionally wearing imitation designer clothes that resemble market clothes, Phuong Oanh is fundamentally a true fashion icon.


Besides acting and modeling, Phuong Oanh also runs her own fashion brand. Not always glamorous, Phuong Oanh has some very girly and beautiful outfits that are still suitable for the majority and can be learned from.

Maxi dresses with floral patterns are indeed a specialty of summer and beach trips. With a gentle and graceful green floral color. If you like lightness and mystery, choose shades of green like this instead of red or other warm colors. Long dresses have never gone out of style for the summer. If you have slim shoulders, confidently choose the off-shoulder maxi dress.

Or try this off-shoulder floral dress with a striking yet gentle and warm pink tone. If you like showing off your bare shoulders but are shy about your collarbones, don’t forget to consider this chiffon dress like Phuong Oanh’s.

Floral fashion always brings freshness and radiance, especially in the summer. A light chiffon floral blouse paired with an elegant skirt helps the working woman become elegant, feminine, and youthful, full of inspiration.

A few ruffled details, delicate fabric flowers are enough to make the outfit more glamorous.

Long chiffon dresses are also suitable for women in the summer workplace. With a gentle and discreet A-line design, a ruffled collar helps women become more feminine. However, pink is a fairly skin-tone specific color, so you can consider other colors that match your skin tone.

Pairing a floral top with a skirt gives you the elegance of the workplace while accentuating the gentle and graceful charm of women. So don’t hesitate to choose skirts and floral tops for a dynamic workday.