BLACKPINK Embraces the All-Black Trend, Each Look Exudes a Stylish Vibe

Lately, these four girls have been delighting fans with their minimalist black outfits that can be transformed into various trendy styles.


BLACKPINK is the most famous girl group in South Korea. They are also one of the few groups with a significant influence in the fashion industry. All 4 members are global ambassadors for high-end brands. Not only that, the popular girl group also regularly sets trends that everyone wants to follow. Recently, the 4 girls have been delighting fans by wearing minimal all-black outfits and transforming them into various trendy styles.


Jennie captivates everyone with her modern and fashionable style. She wears a tight-fitting all-black outfit that perfectly showcases her amazing figure. She truly lives up to her title as a trendsetter in Kpop.

When she returned to Korea, she continued to create a buzz with her “winter on top, summer on the bottom” fashion style, wearing a black leather jacket, brown set of clothes, and accessories to make her outfit standout.

Jennie also loves black items, from hoodies, sweatshirts, to stylish and warm puffer jackets.


Rosé turns the airport into a catwalk when she wears a blazer and long men’s-style coat from Saint Laurent. She combines a crop top with jeans to create a youthful and trendy outfit.

She continues to choose blazers, but adds a more sophisticated and luxurious touch by pairing them with belts and high heels.

With oversized blazers, Rosé achieves a cool and trendy look with a unique style. This way of dressing not only flatters her figure but also brings a fresh and modern vibe.

Whether attending Lisa’s performance at Crazy Horse or strolling the streets of Paris, Rosé opts for a minimalist yet stylish outfit, pairing a long-sleeved sweater with high-quality jeans.


Jisoo prefers outfits with a feminine and graceful touch. She looks beautiful and gentle in a short trench coat, paired with a fitted dress and flat shoes.

Occasionally, she goes for a youthful and energetic look by combining a black outfit with a cropped jacket and sneakers.


Lisa’s style has a more gentle and feminine touch. The idol wears a short jacket along with a lightweight and youthful skirt.

After performing at Crazy Horse, Lisa exudes a modern and elegant vibe with a fitted jacket and jeans.

Lisa is also charming and stylish in a cropped top, showcasing her enviable waistline.

Frequently asked questions

Jennie captivates fans with her modern and fashionable choices. She often opts for tight-fitting, all-black outfits that showcase her figure. Jennie loves playing with layers, as seen in her “winter on top, summer on the bottom” look, and has a soft spot for black items like hoodies, sweatshirts, and stylish puffer jackets.

Rosé is known for her cool and trendy style. She pairs blazers with belts and high heels for a sophisticated touch and achieves a unique, stylish look with oversized blazers. Whether it’s attending an event or strolling the streets of Paris, she opts for minimalist yet chic outfits, such as a long-sleeved sweater with high-quality jeans.

Jisoo leans towards outfits with a feminine and graceful touch. She often pairs a short trench coat with a fitted dress and flat shoes, exuding beauty and gentleness. Occasionally, she goes for a youthful vibe by wearing black outfits with cropped jackets and sneakers.

Lisa’s fashion sense has a gentle and feminine edge. She pairs short jackets with lightweight, youthful skirts. After performing, Lisa often opts for a modern and elegant look with fitted jackets and jeans. She also showcases her waistline with cropped tops.
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