Brightly welcome Tet with tips to beautify skin in a short time

With only one month left until Tet, let's consult with Dien May XANH for quick and effective skin beauty tips to be able to welcome a radiant Tet!


1 Push away acne with cucumber

You can use cucumber to completely remove acne from your face immediately. Slice a cucumber, crush it and squeeze out the juice. Then, add another teaspoon of sugar to this solution and apply it on your face. Rest after about 10 minutes and rinse with cold water, you will have an acne-free skin. Remember to use this mask 2 to 3 times per week for best results.

Đẩy hết mụn trứng cá bằng dưa leo

Get rid of acne with cucumber

2 Exfoliate with turmeric powder

You can use pure turmeric powder or turmeric powder. Mix two tablespoons of turmeric with 2 tablespoons of pure honey, stir this mixture well and apply it on your face. After 20 minutes, wash your face thoroughly with clean water. Be sure to wash it thoroughly, as turmeric can stain your skin yellow. You should apply this mask 2 to 3 times per week for the best possible results.

Tẩy da chết với bột nghệ

Exfoliate dead skin with turmeric powder

3 Use rice water to whiten skin

After washing the first water, in the second water, keep it. Wait for the water to wash the rice this second time to settle down, pour the inner part above, keeping the milky white part to dilute with slightly warm water. Use this mixture to shower and wash your face, your skin will be much brighter and smoother.

4 Brighten skin with pumpkin

Mix 1 tablespoon of egg white or 1 tablespoon of olive oil with 2 tablespoons of pureed pumpkin. Then apply this mixture on your face, avoiding sensitive areas. Rest for 15 minutes and then wash your face with warm water. Because pumpkin contains vitamins A and C, it has a very good skin lightening effect.

Làm sáng da bằng bí đỏ

Brighten skin with pumpkin

Use a nourishing mask to have a healthy skin

You should apply red wine on your face for about 5 minutes and then wash it off with water, the skin will become smooth and ruddy. Because red wine contains many nutrients, it enhances blood circulation and increases the elasticity of your skin. In addition, you can also mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of fresh milk with 1 tablespoon of flour to apply on your face for 20 minutes. This blend also gives you a similar result as red wine.

Sử dụng mặt nạ rượu vang để có một làn da chắc khoẻ

Use a wine mask for a healthy skin

6 Drink lemon juice or tea every day to purify the body

No matter how beautiful you look outside, you must remember to drink unsweetened lemon water every morning or use tea instead. These two types of water have a great effect on detoxification. From there, it helps you push out all the toxic wastes to the outside, helping to keep the skin young and full of life.

7 Sleep right before 11 o'clock every day to have a smooth skin

Equally important is that you must sleep before 11 o'clock every day. This will help you to have a fresh mind the next day. Moreover, sleeping early also helps the body's organs to detoxify in time, thereby avoiding acne on the skin.

Ngủ đúng giấc trước 11 giờ mỗi ngày để có một làn da mịn màng

Sleep right before 11 o'clock every day to have a smooth skin

Please apply these measures on a regular basis. More importantly, you should pay attention to eating nutritiously, not using too much fast food because it will harm your skin.