Combining áo dài for Tết with these 4 types of shoes is a huge mistake, ladies should pay attention.

Let's discover the 4 types of shoes that women should avoid pairing with áo dài when going out for Tet to look beautiful and elegant.


As the Lunar New Year 2024 is approaching, many women will choose to wear ao dai for the festivities. The ao dai is a traditional garment that women love and choose to wear during the Lunar New Year because it is both a traditional attire and enhances femininity.

However, if not careful when selecting items to pair with this traditional outfit, especially shoes, women can easily lose points with others. Additionally, it can make one’s overall appearance less elegant and refined. Therefore, let’s list out 4 types of shoes that women should avoid pairing with ao dai for a more beautiful and stylish look during the Lunar New Year festivities.


This is a sporty item that is occasionally daring and can be worn with a jumpsuit. However, it is not a suitable choice when pairing with the ao dai. The ao dai symbolizes elegance, gracefulness, and femininity, highlighting the beautiful features of Vietnamese women. On the other hand, sneakers give a sporty and energetic vibe, which is not a wise choice. The flat sole cannot add height to women’s figures, nor does it have the effect of accentuating one’s body shape like high-heeled shoes. This mismatch will make women appear less elegant and incompatible.


Wedge heels are a combination of high heels and sandals, creating a comfortable and sturdy feeling. However, these types of shoes can make one look older, less fashionable, and give a heavy and clunky sensation.

Although this shoe style was popular in the past, it has gradually lost its appeal and become outdated.


The tall shaft of boots becomes redundant and unnecessary as it is covered by the length of the ao dai. Moreover, they also make it difficult for women to move, especially knee-high boots. Boots cannot fully embody the gentle and graceful features when worn with Vietnamese ao dai, making the wearer look less elegant and refined.

Multi-strap sandals

The excessive thickness of the straps is visually distracting, less elegant, and does not flatter the wearer’s figure. Other than aiding in mobility, this type of shoe does not have any outstanding features that would complement the ao dai. In particular, the flat sole cannot enhance the femininity of women when wearing gentle ao dai for the upcoming Lunar New Year festivities.

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