Daughter of late actress Mai Phuong shares heartfelt wish after 4 years of her passing

Not only that, the little girl also made everyone laugh when she jokingly said her nanny could "turn into a vampire" to live with her forever.


Recently, Mai Phuong’s nanny shared a clip recording the conversation between her and Lavie: “Lavie’s late-night confession that I hope you live to be 100 years old… it’s so sweat-inducing.” Lavie is in the nanny’s arms and expresses: “I want Aunt Họa to live with me forever, for 100 years.” Sister Họa replies to Lavie: “What is 100 years? 100 years is a long time.” Hearing this, Lavie explains: “But I want Aunt Họa to take care of me.”

Four years ago, Mai Phuong passed away from cancer. Currently, Lavie – Mai Phuong’s daughter is being taken care of by a nanny in Vietnam. In August 2023, Phung Ngoc Huy returned to Vietnam to visit his daughter and then went to the United States to arrange his life and complete the paperwork for his child’s sponsorship.

He said he will return to Vietnam in October. After that, during the Lunar New Year 2024, he will celebrate the New Year in his home country and be with his daughter Lavie.

“In October, Phung Ngoc Huy will return to Vietnam, then we will celebrate the Vietnamese Lunar New Year again. It’s been 8 years since I celebrated the Lunar New Year in Vietnam. This time, I can celebrate the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, it will be very fun”, Phung Ngoc Huy publicly shared his scheduled plans.

Phung Ngoc Huy said that although he and his daughter have been talking on the phone every day for many years, this time he returns with some nervousness. He worries about Lavie’s reaction during the upcoming time with her father by her side. Phung Ngoc Huy shared about the relationship between the father and daughter even though they are not close: “I lived in Vietnam until Lavie was over one year old before going abroad, so I had more than a year to be close to her. I even organized a baptism party for her before leaving a few months later.”

“During my time abroad, I still connected with her, but could only call her on weekends. Due to the time difference, when my daughter came home from school around 5 pm, it was 4 am in the US, so I couldn’t make a phone call. I could only wait until the weekend when Lavie didn’t have school to call. I made a call at 11 pm here, which is 12 pm noon in Vietnam.”

When I made a phone call, I usually asked about her, talked with her, asked about her studies, eating, and playing with friends. On Facetime, there is a part where we can play games together, so she and I often play games together, it’s a lot of fun.

“When I prepared to return to Vietnam, my family and friends were all happy. When I made a phone call, my parents burst into tears. At that time, I was very excited because I was about to meet my daughter again after 8 years. Lavie is still young, so she didn’t show much emotion when she heard that her father was returning to Vietnam, maybe because she didn’t live with me but with two nannies since she was young. When I told her to come to her grandparents’ house to play, she even asked if she could bring the nannies along.”

On this occasion, I would like to thank the two nannies of Lavie for taking care of my daughter, taking her to school, going on trips, participating in many activities. This recent return to Vietnam is also the first time I have been away from my hometown in 8 years. I am very happy and excited.”

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