Dermatologist tips on how to wash your face to effectively limit dark spots

Washing your face properly is one of the most important steps in skin care. But have you ever wondered "Why do I wash my face every day but my skin is still ugly and still has many dark spots"?


Washing your face is a habit to help clean skin, seemingly simple, but according to observations from friends and relatives around the Vietnamese people's facial washing habits. Most of us are washing our faces the wrong way.

That's why today Bach Khoa GREEN gives you a secret to help you wash your face properly and effectively limit dark spots !

first What is the reverse face wash method?

Phương pháp rửa mặt ngược là gì? What is the reverse face wash method?

According to Dr, Judy Joo advises everyone that, in order to best reduce the damage to the skin, people should perform the reverse face wash method.

So what is reverse face wash? The reverse face wash is to clean the T-zone first (the oiliest area), the forehead, then the chin, and finally the cheeks (the driest area). This method is for many skin types including combination, normal and dry skin.

2 Benefits of the reverse face wash method

Certified by the Korean Board of Dermatology. Cleaning the skin is an extremely necessary thing in everyone's daily skin care process, so cleaning the skin not only needs to be right, but also has to follow all the steps and have a specific sequence to help limit the damage. prevent "negative" problems that directly affect the skin.

Explain people's improper face-washing habits. Judy Joo said: " If you wash the cheeks first and then the other parts, after a short time, the skin on both cheeks will be thinner, prone to dryness and wrinkles ." Because the cheeks are an extremely dry area, washing the cheeks first will make that area even drier.

So the reverse face wash method is one of the ways to help our facial skin avoid aging over time, helping to reverse dark spots, pigmentation, freckles without spending too much on cosmetics.

3 How to do the reverse face wash method?

Cách thực hiện phương pháp rửa mặt ngược How to do the reverse face wash method?

The safest way to wash your face with the reverse face wash method is to wash it in the following order:

Step 1 The nose (T-zone) is the area that should be cleaned first because this area produces the most sebum. Gently massage and move your fingers around the nose to deep clean and help inhibit the growth of blackheads.

Step 2 The forehead area is the area that has a lot of contact with the hair, a large part is also in contact with the hands when you wear a helmet. Therefore, you should clean the forehead area to reduce acne bran, hidden acne.

Step 3 The chin is an area prone to acne when the body's hormones change.

Step 4 The cheeks are the last area to be cleaned. To avoid dry cheeks after washing, you just need to massage very lightly .

If you want to be more careful, when cleaning each area of skin, count from 1 to 20 in your head, then move on to another skin area.

Above are the shares of Bach Hoa Xanh about the secret to washing your face to help limit dark spots effectively. Hope you will notice and avoid making mistakes!

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