Discover 5 enchanting lipstick shades to enhance your complexion for the Lunar New Year season.

Whether you prefer bold or natural makeup, these lipstick shades will enhance your radiance and allure.


Blush Pink

The blush pink color is a perfect blend of the proud beauty of red and the sweet, pure charm of pink – it is an ideal choice to add a touch of radiance and femininity to your appearance.

This lipstick shade not only brings a youthful and radiant look but also makes your skin brighter and more attractive. With its perfect compatibility with all skin tones, blush pink is also a smart and versatile choice for you to easily mix and match with many styles of outfits during the Lunar New Year, from traditional to modern, creating a unique and sophisticated fashion style.

Shiny Pink/Orange Lip Gloss

A shiny lip gloss in pink or orange tones is not only a great choice to freshen up your appearance but also a secret to create a vibrant and lively look. The harmonious combination of these two colors not only brings a youthful beauty but also makes your lips stand out and charming.

Lip gloss also has the ability to make your lips look more plump and hydrated, thanks to the delicate light reflection effect, while also making your face look natural and youthful. This product is the perfect choice to enhance the vitality of your skin and create impressive highlights for your appearance in any gathering and festive occasion.

Burnt Orange

Burnt orange is not only a daring choice but also extremely eye-catching, bringing a youthful and lively image for the Lunar New Year. This tone, with its eye-catching power and skin-enhancing properties, creates a fresh and energetic look.

Burnt orange is not only edgy but also extremely versatile, suitable for various skin tones and capable of combining harmoniously with both traditional and modern outfits, making you easily become the center of attention in every social gathering during the festive atmosphere.

Red-orange with a hint of brown

The red-orange shade with a hint of brown not only radiates warmth but also honors youthfulness, creating a lively appearance. The delicate blend of vibrant red and warm brown creates a captivating lipstick color, expressing style and personality.

This is an extremely trendy lipstick shade, perfectly compatible with various skin types and different occasions, especially during the Lunar New Year when everyone wants to stand out and be charming.

This lipstick shade not only helps you confidently shine in parties but also complements the cozy atmosphere of family gatherings, making a memorable impression for special moments.

Coral Orange

Coral orange, with its prominence and brightness, is an ideal choice for you to showcase a youthful and vibrant look during the Lunar New Year. This tone not only illuminates the face but also adds a touch of uniqueness, bringing a fresh flavor to the spring style.

The combination of sophistication and youthfulness that coral orange brings will make your lips a striking highlight, helping you exude a trendy and stylish appearance. This color not only reflects the joyful mood of the festive season but also completes a radiant beauty, contributing to a remarkable and graceful look for the new year.

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