Discovering the Features of Various Tresemme Conditioners

Curious about the range of Tresemme conditioners? Let's dive into the different varieties and explore their specific features.


Tresemme is a renowned hair care brand in the United States, initially established by the Godefroy company and later acquired by Unilever corporation in 2010. Over time, the brand has expanded its presence beyond the US market, reaching women around the world.

To cater to the diverse needs of women, Tresemme has introduced a wide range of product lines, offering options such as and . Each type is highly praised by consumers for its affordable price and exceptional product quality, comparable to professional salons.

1 Get acquainted with Tresemme conditioner

Tìm hiểu về dầu xả TresemmeGet acquainted with Tresemme conditioner

Origin and history of Tresemme conditioner

Tresemme is a product of the Godefroy company, founded in the USA in 1947, and subsequently acquired by Unilever corporation in 2010. With the slogan “salon standard every day at home,” Tresemme shampoo has gained popularity among consumers worldwide, especially hairstylists and top hair care experts in the industry. Tresemme has also become a trusted brand associated with international fashion and beauty events such as Vietnam Nextop Model, Vietnam Fashion Week, and Asian Nextop Model.

However, the key factor that has propelled the success of this brand is the quality of its hair care products and the trust of its users. Throughout Vietnam, the brand is known for delivering satisfaction.

Benefits of Tresemme conditioner

In today’s environment, where hair is exposed to various chemicals and styling techniques, many people experience dryness, split ends, and lack of vitality in their hair. Tresemme conditioner is highly rated as a product line that effectively restores and nourishes damaged hair. By using Tresemme conditioner in conjunction with Tresemme shampoo, you will notice significant improvement in your hair’s condition, leading to increased confidence in your appearance.

Advantages of Tresemme conditioner

  • Optimally repairs damaged hair, split ends, and lack of vitality caused by chemicals and styling techniques.
  • Mild and pleasant fragrance

2 Top 4 most popular products

Tresemme salon detox ginger and green tea conditioner

Dầu xả Tresemme salon detox gừng và trà xanhTresemme salon detox ginger and green tea conditioner

Formulated with natural ingredients extracted from ginger and green tea, Tresemme salon detox ginger and green tea conditioner helps restore and nourish damaged hair from deep within.

The notable advantage of this product is that it is free of parabens and artificial colors, making it suitable for those with dyed hair.

The product thoroughly cleanses and provides nutrients to keep your hair soft, smooth, and shiny.

Reference price: approximately 220,000 VND

Tresemme Keratin Smooth with Argan oil conditioner

Dầu xả Tresemme Keratin Smooth tinh dầu ArganTresemme Keratin Smooth with Argan oil conditioner

Infused with Argan oil from Morocco, Tresemme Keratin Smooth with Argan oil conditioner provides rich keratin to nourish each hair strand from root to tip.

Moreover, with its low sulfate content, this conditioner helps restore shine, softness, and silkiness to your hair. It also has a gentle and long-lasting fragrance, offering a pleasurable experience.

Reference price:
approximately 203,000 VND
approximately 132,000 VND

Tresemme total salon repair with Macadamia oil conditioner

Dầu xả Tresemme total salon repair tinh dầu MacadamiaTresemme total salon repair with Macadamia oil conditioner

Enriched with Macadamia oil and other essential oils extracted from macadamia nuts, as well as abundant keratin, this conditioner deeply penetrates the hair shaft, making your hair strong and significantly reducing breakage.

Furthermore, it moisturizes your hair, leaving it soft, smooth, and easy to style.

Reference price: Tresemme total salon repair with Macadamia oil conditioner is approximately 120,000 VND per 354ml bottle

TRESemmé anti hair fall conditioner

Dầu xả TRESemmé ngăn ngừa tóc gãy rụngTRESemmé anti hair fall conditioner

TRESemmé anti hair fall conditioner is an exceptional 2-step product that deeply nourishes hair. The reconnection technology penetrates each hair strand to repair damaged bonds and protect the hair.

Reference price:

approximately 220,000 VND
approximately 143,000 VND

3 Frequently asked questions

Các câu hỏi thường gặpFrequently asked questions

What are the limitations of Tresemme conditioner?

  • The product provides ample nutrients and moisture, which can make the hair greasy, especially for those with oily scalps.
  • For individuals with oily scalps, it is not recommended to use Tresemme conditioner, as it can further increase scalp oiliness and contribute to dandruff.

Where to buy genuine Tresemme conditioner at the best price?

You can purchase Tresemme conditioner from supermarkets and major cosmetic stores nationwide. Additionally, you can also order through e-commerce platforms such as Shopee and Lazada. Moreover, our supermarket offers attractive deals when you shop in-store or through our website!

Based on the characteristics I have shared, you can see that Tresemme conditioner is an excellent choice for dealing with hair fall and damaged hair. I hope that the information I have provided helps you select the appropriate conditioner for your hair.

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