Does hot bath make bust worse? Tips for taking a hot shower to help protect your breasts effectively

Today, there are many women who love to use a water heater to bathe because of the refreshing feeling it brings. However, there is an opinion that taking a hot bath will make the first round worse. Let's consult with us immediately, will hot water make the first round worse? Tips for taking a hot shower to help protect your breasts effectively!


1 Does a hot bath make breasts worse?

As a woman, no one does not want to have a round and full bust to look more attractive in the eyes of everyone and enhance her sexy body curves. And certainly, a smaller and smaller bust is something that no woman wants, let alone sagging and deformed.

More especially when the culprit causing this situation may be something that we inadvertently do every day, seemingly normal, which is taking a hot bath for too long. Especially on cold or rainy days.

Tắm nước nóng có làm vòng 1 xấu đi hay không?

Most women’s breasts are made up of thick fatty tissue, the thicker the lower fat layer, the bigger, rounder and more attractive the breasts will be. Using water that is too hot and too long too often will make this fat reduce, causing the breasts to wrinkle, and lose their roundness, firmness, and elasticity.

However, if you skillfully shower with hot water at a moderate temperature and then spray it with cool water on your breasts, it will help reverse the above, giving you a smooth and round bust.

2 4 Tips for taking a hot bath properly to help protect your breasts effectively

Shower at the appropriate temperature for the first round from 30-40 degrees C

A temperature range of 30-40 degrees Celsius will be the perfect temperature for bathing and relaxing. Bathing at the right temperature not only helps your breasts be round and firm but also helps to stimulate blood circulation easily and contributes to maintaining health.

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can create a water source with a suitable temperature from 30-40 degrees Celsius

After taking a hot shower, you should spray again with cool water

To be able to help round 1 be smooth and full of vitality, after taking a hot bath, you can spray again with cool water. This will make your bust relax after being exposed to high-temperature water.

Sau khi tắm nước nóng bạn nên xịt lại bằng nước mát

Use a cotton towel to alternate hot and cold

If your bust is lacking vitality and is not round, you can use a hot and cold cotton towel to cover your chest alternately about every 10 minutes. This movement will help the muscles around the first round to be expanded and have better elasticity.

Dùng khăn bông đắp nóng lạnh luân phiên

Gently massage round 1 in a circular direction

In addition to the above tips, you can use the massage method to help the sphincter layers work continuously and increase elasticity. You need to massage from the outside to the inside in a circular direction every 10 minutes, then do the opposite to make sure all the muscles around the bust are relaxed.

Massage nhẹ vòng 1 theo hướng vòng tròn

Above is the article that hot baths make breasts worse. Tips for taking a hot shower to help protect your breasts effectively. If you still have any questions that need to be answered, please leave a comment below for us to support you!