Drink Red Apple Tea to Enhance Skin Beauty and Maintain Body Shape

Red apple and goji berry tea is a flavorful and healthful beverage known for its numerous benefits. The combination of red apple and goji berry creates a delicious drink that not only tastes great, but also helps promote skin beauty and maintain a healthy body shape.


Red apple tea with longan has a sweet and refreshing taste, making it easy to drink. In addition, red apple tea with longan has many health benefits. Drinking red apple tea with longan regularly can help you maintain a slim figure, a fresh and smooth complexion. Moreover, it can also improve your sleep quality.

How to make red apple tea with longan


You slice the red apple into thin slices. This way, the red apple will release all its nutrients and the tea will become fragrant and easier to drink.

Next, you divide the red apple and longan into two equal parts. Put one part into a glass jar and the other part into a thermos.

Brewing red apple tea with longan

Bring 750ml of filtered water to a boil. Then, pour half of the water into the thermos and close the lid. Pour the remaining water into the glass jar and close the lid.

Let the tea steep for about 30 minutes before using. After finishing the tea, you can simply add boiling water to the jar and use it again.

Finished product

Red apple tea with longan has a sweet and refreshing taste. It is easy to drink and enjoyable for everyone.

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