Easy-to-grow indoor plants that bring good luck and serve as effective beauty ingredients

There are certain types of ornamental plants that also serve as excellent remedies for health and beauty, and the following 3 types of plants are highly popular.


Green trees not only beautify the house but also bring good luck and fortune according to feng shui. Some species of ornamental plants with beautiful flowers also bring a fresh and bright space to the house. And in the field of health, some ornamental plants have special properties that support health and beauty.


Roses are popular ornamental plants that symbolize elegance and beauty for the house. Not only are roses beautiful, but their fragrance also helps to soothe the living space. According to feng shui, roses help ward off negative energy and bring good luck to the homeowner.

Roses are not only captivating to many people but also a well-known ingredient in beauty care. Rose essence helps cleanse the skin, balance pH levels, and reinforce the skin’s protective barrier. Distilling and boiling rose water at home is very simple. Furthermore, if you can grow roses at home, you can ensure that the flowers are clean and rich in nutrients. You can use roses to wash your face, apply as a face mask, or use them for tea.


This is a type of flower that represents the beauty of endurance. Even the name of the flower brings good luck to the family, especially when there are elderly people in the house. Daisies are rich in antioxidants that help slow down the formation of free radicals in the body, improve eyesight, and reduce dark spots on the skin. Daisies can be used to make tea to effectively combat inflammation and treat acne.

Daisies are also very easy to grow and bloom. Therefore, having a few pots of daisies in the house will make the home even more charming and lucky.

Singing Tree

The Singing Tree is a very easy-to-grow flower, easy to sprout, and a popular flower with beautiful meanings in feng shui. The Singing Tree symbolizes longevity, fortune, and good luck. When you plant Singing Trees in the house, you will encounter more luck and have more positive energy.

For the skin, the Singing Tree has the effect of soothing the skin, especially after sun exposure. The gel inside the Singing Tree helps cool and quickly regenerate the skin, reducing acne and swelling.

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Frequently asked questions

Some lucky indoor plants that are also great for beauty recipes include Aloe Vera, Money Plant, Basil, and Lucky Bamboo. These plants are not only low-maintenance but also have a range of beauty benefits. For example, Aloe Vera gel is great for soothing skin and treating hair problems, while Basil leaves can be used in face packs for a natural glow.

You can use the gel from Aloe Vera leaves to create soothing face masks, moisturizers, and hair treatments. The Money Plant is known for its skin-brightening properties, so you can use the leaves to create face packs or toners. Basil leaves can be ground into a paste and added to face packs for a natural glow and to treat acne. Lucky Bamboo, while not typically used for beauty recipes, is said to bring good luck and positive energy to your home.

Always do a patch test before applying any new natural ingredient to your skin or hair, as some people may have allergies or sensitivities. When using Aloe Vera, for example, avoid consuming it orally in large quantities as it may have laxative effects. Also, be sure to clean the plants thoroughly before use, especially if they have been treated with pesticides or other chemicals.

Absolutely! All of these plants offer benefits for both skin and hair care. Aloe Vera is a versatile ingredient that can be used to moisturize and treat skin and hair problems. The Money Plant and Basil leaves can be used in face packs and toners, while also being beneficial for hair growth and scalp health when used in hair masks or rinses.

The frequency of use depends on the specific plant and your skin/hair type. For Aloe Vera, you can apply the gel directly to your skin or hair a few times a week, or even daily if your skin is very dry. For face packs and toners using Money Plant or Basil leaves, once or twice a week is usually sufficient. Always pay attention to how your skin and hair react and adjust the frequency accordingly.