Elevate Your Style from Summer to Fall with the Perfect Pair of Shoes

Mary Jane shoe styles have become increasingly diverse, ranging from classic leather designs to mesh with bow detailing, silver metallic pairs, and tweed Mary Janes.


Mary Jane has always been on the list of women’s favorite accessories. Although it has been around for a long time, these shoes never show any signs of “cooling down” whether it’s hot or cold.

Mary Jane shoes help diversify their own style. Ulzzang Korean – Minha wears a white shirt, black shorts and brown Mary Jane shoes to complete the fresh street style.

This design is capable of providing a firm and comfortable feeling when moving. Recently, actress Kim Na Young also chose this style of shoes to mix and match with a blue t-shirt during her family vacation.

Mimi from the idol group Oh My Girl chose airy mesh Mary Jane shoes with a vibrant red color, pairing them with a tube top, tied-up button-up shirt, and flared denim skirt.

Shin Hye Jeong creates a cute and sweet look in this combination with a red beanie, Y2K ankle socks, and the highlight being the velvet ballerina Mary Jane shoes with a glossy layer of silk.

You can create a colorful outfit by pairing a long-sleeved knitted jumper with a gilet, velvet midi skirt, high red socks, and comfortable rubber Mary Jane shoes.

Thanks to this item, Park Min-ji looks more graceful and ladylike. No matter how simple the girls’ outfits are, the overall look will be significantly rejuvenated thanks to the presence of Mary Jane shoes.

Learn from Minha how to mix them with a large flared brown dress. The practicality of Mary Jane shoes will definitely satisfy you.

Mary Jane also scores points with various fabric materials such as wool, tweed, or metallic. Amy Kev, even though she wears a simple street-style outfit with a printed t-shirt and a ruffled mini skirt, still makes a great impression with these shoes.

Mary Jane shoes are becoming more diverse in terms of styles, from traditional leather models to bows, silver metallic, or tweed Mary Jane shoes. It can be seen that this cute item is spreading thickly in the fashion styles of trendy girls and can be paired with a series of “ruffled” items, pleated skirts, or denim jeans and knitted tops.

Frequently asked questions

Celebrities like Ulzzang Korean, Kim Na Young, and Mimi from Oh My Girl have all been spotted rocking Mary Jane shoes. Ulzzang pairs hers with a white shirt, black shorts, and brown Mary Janes for a fresh street style look. Kim Na Young chooses a blue t-shirt and family vacation, while Mimi opts for a tube top, tied-up button-up shirt, and a flared denim skirt with airy mesh Mary Janes.

Mary Jane shoes can be styled in a variety of ways to create unique and trendy outfits. For a cute and sweet look, pair them with a red beanie, Y2K ankle socks, and velvet ballerina Mary Janes like Shin Hye Jeong. Or, go for a colorful ensemble by combining a long-sleeved knitted jumper, a gilet, a velvet midi skirt, high red socks, and comfortable rubber Mary Janes. Mary Janes also work well with flared dresses, ruffled items, pleated skirts, and denim jeans.

Traditional leather Mary Janes are a classic, but there are also some unique styles that are gaining popularity. Bow-adorned Mary Janes add a feminine touch, while silver metallic and tweed Mary Janes offer a modern twist. These diverse styles have become a favorite among trendy girls, showcasing their versatility and ability to enhance any outfit.
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