Fashion-forward “Grandma” Style that Leaves Fashionistas Obsessed

The fashion trend for "grandma style" has caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts.


The “Grandmacore” trend is the perfect choice to grab attention. The “grandma” fashion attracts a lot of attention from fashionistas and is used by many celebrities in their Fall-Winter street style moments.

Crochet hat

The unique Y2K-style crochet hat is one of the key accessories in the trendy and stylish “Grandmacore” trend. Some people have taken it to a new level with the aesthetics of their grandmothers. Lisa (BLACKPINK) rocked a cool crochet hat in a purple-blue tone, completing her impressive and stylish look.


Moreover, somewhere on the street, the faint street style of a girl with a babushka-style headscarf catches many people’s attention. Looking at the photos of fashionistas from fashion weeks, you can see young girls under the age of 20 appearing on the streets with a mix & match style, wearing a modern outfit with a mesmerizing babushka headscarf.


Oversized bags

Large-sized bags are officially back in the fashion race and are featured in many elegant and luxurious ensembles. Responding to the alluring “Grandmacore” atmosphere, fashion enthusiasts quickly add a “world-carrying” bag to their favorite wardrobe, giving them a mature and trendy look.


Turban scarf

Jennie (BLACKPINK) and Bella Hadid have been busy transforming the special turban style into a striking and eye-catching hair accessory. The versatile scarf has appeared in memorable fashion moments of famous “IT-Girls”. The designed scarf comes in various materials and vibrant colors, suitable for “spicing up” the cold season.



Long coats worn by stylish French girls or soft padded coats are the highlights of this “grandma” fashion trend. Trench coats bring elegance and a touch of luxury. They not only keep you warm but also showcase a trendy personal style. The long coat style is a compelling weapon to charm others.

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