Female lead in the movie “Mai” showcases versatile styles, perfect for all women to learn from.

Witness these captivating images by Phuong Anh Dao, guaranteed to inspire your year-round style.


Actress Phuong Anh Dao has received a lot of attention from the audience as the female lead in the movie “Mai”. She not only possesses beautiful looks but also has a very outstanding fashion style. She does not limit her style to a specific type of outfit. Instead, Phuong Anh Dao transforms from dynamic and personal styles to gentle and elegant outfits. Looking at these images of Phuong Anh Dao, surely you will have more ideas for beautiful outfits throughout the year.

With a white shirt, blue jeans, and a thin cardigan, Phuong Anh Dao has completed a youthful and trendy appearance. This outfit is both youthful and elegant that anyone can wear.

A pastel pink shirt mixed with white jeans and a white shirt creates a prominent outfit that is still harmonious. The beaded necklace matches the fresh and dynamic outfit.

Phuong Anh Dao impresses with her allure and vitality when wearing a set of clothes including a cut-out pink top combined with jeans. Adding a unique tote bag.

She skillfully mixes a black tank top with dark jeans, creating a trendy appearance. Accessories like a standout bag and interesting sneakers add more excitement.

She also loves short flared skirts with plaid patterns. The combination of a plaid flared skirt, a gray sweatshirt, and white boots creates a standout and youthful outfit. Black tights not only add sophistication but also elegance.

A thin brown knitted top combined with gray sweatpants. The fabric tote bag is suitable for a carefree outfit. If you want to look beautiful during casual walks, this is the idea for you.

A matching set including a gray sweatshirt and shorts brings a rejuvenating effect. To complete a comfortable and carefree outfit, mix it with sneakers.

Pieces like a green shirt, white jacket, and jeans go well together, adding sophistication and elegance.

A horizontally striped crop top is a standout, “hacking” height even when Phuong Anh Dao pairs it with wide-leg pants.

A coordinated vest set is definitely a suggestion for those who do not like to spend a lot of time mixing and matching outfits. This item has been around for a long time but is still fashionable at the present time. This style is carefree yet sophisticated. Phuong Anh Dao skillfully embellishes with a necklace and wears brownish-red lipstick to add more sophistication.

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