“Flawless Beauty” Lee Young Ae maximizes her time going makeup-free as the best way to take care of her skin.

It was assumed that beauty queens would regularly apply cosmetics to their faces, but it turns out that her secret lies in maximizing rest time for her facial skin.


Korean women’s skincare is known to be very meticulous. Lee Young Ae is both a Korean actress and a advertising queen for many beauty brands. So taking care of her beauty is like preserving assets for her. At the age of over 50, she still maintains a youthful appearance and is still a representative name for many famous brands. Lee Young Ae has shared simple but effective beauty methods.

Emphasize drinking water

Water is also important for the skin. Lee Young Ae pays a lot of attention to drinking water. She starts her day with warm water to detoxify. She said her skin is very thin and prone to dryness, so she drinks more water throughout the day.

Maximize the bare face

The skin also needs rest and relaxation just like the body in general. When wearing makeup or applying moisturizer, it means that the skin has to work as we eat all day will be very tired instead of “being eaten”. So the beauty will go makeup-free when not going to work or shooting. She takes advantage of her days off to go bare-faced, and when appearing in places that don’t require heavy makeup, she applies light makeup and avoids complex processes to reduce the burden on the skin.

Pay attention to the diet

Even when she needs to lose weight, Lee Young Ae still pays attention to eating a nutritious meal during the day, and replaces it with grapes for dinner. Grapes are fruits rich in nutrients and antioxidants, helping to repair damaged cells. She also prioritizes homemade food and pays attention to the nutritional balance. She limits eating and drinking cold foods, often drinks ginger tea because it is good for health. The actress also likes to drink green tea to provide antioxidants for the body.

Nourish the skin from the inside

The beauty believes that skincare must be done in two steps including external and internal nourishment. Nourishing the skin from the outside means using external products such as creams, masks, serums… Nourishing the skin from the inside means exercising, keeping a relaxed mind. The beauty often takes the time to hike, exercise. Especially her family lives in the suburbs, so she exercises by hiking and immersing herself in nature. Exercising is a way to detoxify the body, reduce acne and maintain a relaxed mind. A relaxed mind helps reduce stress hormones and reduces acne on the skin. Therefore, the method of beauty from the inside is very important.

Frequently asked questions

Lee Young Ae pays close attention to her diet, even when trying to lose weight. She ensures her meals are nutritious and often has grapes for dinner due to their antioxidant properties. She prioritizes homemade food and maintains a nutritional balance, limiting cold foods and drinks. Lee also drinks ginger tea and green tea for their health benefits and antioxidants.

Lee believes in a two-step skincare approach: external and internal nourishment. Externally, she uses products like creams, masks, and serums. Internally, she focuses on exercise and a relaxed mind, often taking time for hiking and immersing herself in nature. She considers a relaxed mind crucial as it reduces stress hormones and acne.
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