French women favor these 5 simple yet classy knitwear styles

Discover the top 5 favorite French women's sweater styles, and you won't have to think twice when shopping for your winter wardrobe.


The French women’s style has always been a fashion template that many women aspire to. In particular, they are very attuned to new trends. With a simple style choice, they cleverly select clothes to highlight their trendy outfits. Check out 5 favorite French women’s sweater styles, and you won’t have to think too much when shopping for your winter wardrobe.

Red Sweater

The most prominent color trend for clothing in 2023 is red, which the French absolutely adore. Red sweaters not only make the overall outfit more vibrant but also add a touch of sophistication to your appearance.

Red sweaters are also very useful in enhancing a fair and bright skin tone. French ladies often pair red sweaters with wide-leg white pants, black pants, or neutral-colored long skirts. Additionally, accessories like leather belts and black boots enhance their standout style.

White Sweater

The white sweater is the most youthful version. This sweater brings a fresh and radiant look to the overall outfit.

The white sweater is easy to wear and look good in. Just pair it with blue jeans, solid-colored long skirts, or trousers. However, when a more captivating look is needed, French ladies combine white sweaters with patterned skirts to increase their prominence.

Gray Sweater

In addition to the red tone, gray clothing is also dominating this winter’s trend. It has been a favorite fashion item for French women for years. This sweater is easy to wear, bringing elegance and style to the wearer. Take inspiration from how French women wear gray sweaters, such as pairing them with white pants, wide-leg trousers, or short skirts.

Horizontal Striped Sweater

Horizontal striped sweaters go well with jeans or long skirts, creating stylish and sophisticated outfits. They are suitable for strolling around the city, attending festivals, and ideal for office attire. This versatile garment allows you to save money while still looking beautiful wherever you go.

Cardigan Sweater

Cardigan sweaters are not only suitable for winter wear, but you can also incorporate them into your spring wardrobe. This style of sweater comes in many versions, such as elegant neutral-colored cardigans or sweet pastel-colored cardigans. There are many ways to wear a cardigan, but the formula that French women love the most is pairing it with stylish jeans for a youthful and age-defying look.

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