Get ready for Christmas with these adorable and stylish patterned sweaters

With familiar images of reindeer, Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and adorable snowmen, you'll definitely stand out on Christmas day.


North European patterned sweaters with red, white, blue and metallic shades are becoming the hot trend of the cold season. Along with the familiar images of reindeer, Santa Claus, Christmas trees and adorable snowmen, they will definitely make you stand out on Christmas day.

Jinju also loves North European patterned sweaters for her street style. Her favorite fashion style gives off a classic vibe, combining a blue snowflake patterned sweater with white and cream denim jeans.

North European patterned sweaters with a vintage British style are mixed and matched by Kim Ehwa with simple corduroy pants, ugg boots and a fur hat.

North European patterned sweaters are now back in retro trend, almost every Korean girl owns a few. A striking outfit is created by pairing a blue sweater.

Investing in a thick and high-quality sweater not only keeps you warm effectively but also adds a youthful, comfortable and impressive overall look. Especially when paired with a fur hat, North European patterned sweaters become even cuter.

The simplest way is to mix them with a flared mini skirt like Junhee Rim. The Korean beauty applies the Y2K dressing style with knee-high socks, sporty shoes and a leather bag.

Christmas is around the corner, so why hesitate to get yourself this cute patterned item? It will be the highlight that you can’t miss to make a greater impression in the end of the year.

You can learn from fashionista Yeeun by creating outfits with a bright white tone as the main color. The outfit not only enhances the body shape but also adds a soft highlight.

The dark and neutral design is versatile and suitable for various occasions. Ulzzang Danhee dresses this sweater style with corduroy pants and a fabric bag to create a cozy overall look.

North European patterned sweaters are originally from the West but have captured the hearts of fashionistas in Asia and become an essential item every winter. Moreover, this style never goes out of fashion as you can reuse it from year to year without getting bored.

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