How to Achieve a French Girl Look with Applying Blusher in the Letter W

Want to emulate the effortless elegance of French beauties? Find out how to use blush in the W-style to help enhance your look!


Blush is an essential step in makeup application to enhance a fresh and lovely appearance. In this article, we will explore how to apply blush in the letter W style, inspired by French girls, to achieve a beautiful transformation.

Introducing the W-style blush application technique

The W-style blush technique creates the effect of sunburned cheeks, popular among French girls. It is often referred to as “Sunburn Fake Blush”. This technique is similar to the Japanese drunken blush method and is also favored by Korean girls. However, the main difference lies in the style – Asian drunk blush tends to be cute and lovely, while the French W-cheek technique exudes a mature and seductive expression of a woman.

Blush according to the letter WBlush according to the letter W

How to apply blush according to the letter W

Prepare the following tools: A blush brush and optional powder.

– Makeup artists recommend using cream blush for this technique.
– Choose blush colors in pink, red-orange, or peach-orange tones to capture the essence of this makeup style.
– If you’re concerned about applying too much blush, opt for neutral colors that offer a softening effect and add a few more dabs for highlights.

Step 1: Start by smiling and applying blush to the top of both cheeks to enhance their prominence.

Step 1Step 1

Step 2: Next, blend the blush powder from one cheek to the other across the bridge of the nose. Gradually transition the color from light to darker at the center of the face.

Step 2Step 2

Pro tip: Use your fingertips to apply the blush for a natural blend of colors. The warmth of your fingers helps create a sun-kissed effect. Cream blush is recommended, especially for those with dry skin, as it provides a subtle luminosity.